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DI rears back with aluminum 55 gallon trash can complete with lid...lets fly with a tournament grade bowling follow thru...


Can, (and lid), bounce 2, maybe 3 times before starting a high speed rolling skid directly towards BP_MOSCOW's bunk...finally connecting with an earth-rending CCCRRRRRAAAAAASSSSHHHH!!! The lid flys straight up 15 feet into the air, bounces off ceiling and falls, scorring a direct hit on BP's lid.


All this commotion naturally finally awakens BP from his restful sleep with one simple word... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! :shock: :shock:

DI walks away desperately trying to suppress a grin...


Sorry BP, but Ive wanted to do this for years! A HOO and a RAH! Semper Fi... 8)

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