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Hey guys, im trying to do something here, but i guess i will need to use the Hex editor...

so, how can i change one .lod scale with hex editor?

i get one here, but it's terrible :dntknw:

if somewone can indicate one good to me i will be glad :biggrin:






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You can't change the scale (or size you're asking) with a hex editor. That can only be done in 3dMax with the original file. What the hex editor will do, is allow you to repaint the rotodome's skin bmp, rename it, and use the dome on other things.


I'm assuming you're trying to replicate the height above the fusealge? That's easy


You're wanting something like this???




I did that like 3 years ago for the Airbus....


Try this for the rotodome positioning:







AttachmentPosition=0.0,1.5,3.75 <--this last number is the verticle height






That comes right from the unreleased mod. You might want to double check the weaponsdata entry for the rotodome, making sure it's zero strength jammer.


It's seems to find it's way onto several other aircraft, as well. Damn thing is just like an English swallow, migrating hither and yon...





No one is safe from the RotoDome!!!






kevin stein


ps: next time, try taking the screenshot during the daytime...it's easier on these old eyes to see :haha:

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