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IRC Chat Logs with Wags from 08/21/03 - Release date pushed

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Shockwave posted the chat log from last night's IRC session on the #lomac channel. There some new stuff, but one bit of bad news; The game release date has been pushed back to Winter 2003. Personally I don't care as long as they get it right! It could be they are just giving themselves some breathing room, but I guess time will tell. :D



[05:22] * Ubi-Wags has joined #lomac

[05:22] (Av8toR) Grave_: !lomacnews & !news has been updated to reflect the latest info on the DEMO

[05:22] (Av8toR) hello Wags

[05:22] * Looking up Ubi-Wags user info...

[05:22] (Ubi-Wags) Hi Grave

[05:22] * ChanServ has quit IRC (*.net *.split.)

[05:23] (Grave_) Welcome Matt

[05:23] (Grave_) glad to have you here this evening

[05:23] (Ubi-Wags) Hi everyone

[05:23] (Grave_) !lomacnews

[05:23] (Lorak) evening Wags

[05:24] (Av8toR) pretty quiet tonight Grae...

[05:24] (Grave_) sorry was away

[05:24] (Av8toR) err Grave

[05:24] (Lorak) were just being well behaved

[05:25] (Av8toR) for a change

[05:25] * ChanServ has joined #lomac

[05:25] * Tukikohta.FI.EU.GamesNET.net sets mode: +o ChanServ

[05:26] (Grave_) Matt, how is work on Lomac coming along, any certain progress that you can let us know?

[05:26] (Av8toR) a virus has been running amuck on the net... called W32.Sobig I believe that has been causing havok

[05:27] (Grave_) Tsk, sorry I have to run, be back later sometime

[05:27] * Grave_ has quit IRC (Quit.)

[05:27] * [PoD]SFenix has quit IRC (Quit: Fenix Out.)

[05:29] (Ubi-Wags) Nothing much to say at this point, we're in beta and still have a lot of bugs to fix, gameplay to balance, and polish to add. It just takes time and it's impossible to accurately predict exactly how long this will take. Ubi wants to release just as soon as its ready. We just need a good final build for Eagle first.

[05:29] * Rigel has quit IRC (Killed (*.GamesNET.net (Ghost kill on account Rigel (requested by Echidnea).)).)

[05:30] (Lorak) thanks for the honesty Wags.

[05:32] (Lorak) I also want to thank you guys for the updates you are providing. I know you guys are busy, and it is in crunch time. Thanks for talking the time to keep us informed.

[05:32] (FLYdude) Wags, do you happen to have noticed what type of airspeed is displayed on the F-15C HUD in one of the more current builds. Shepski's screenshots showed something close to true airspeed. Eagle HUD should display Indicated. Is this a known problem, and if yes, is it anywhere other than the very bottom of the list of the things that need fixing before release.  

[05:33] (Av8toR) Sounds like that the release date of 09/23/03 on the UBI Store may be abit early and their will be winers on the forum after that date when (if) lomac isn't out by then... but I atleast remember a time when a program or game was released for a pc that didn't need to be patched and was relativly bug-free and to me that is what is most important.

[05:33] (Ubi-Wags) It will be Winter 2003, the website will be updated

[05:34] (Ubi-Wags) I'm really not sure flydude

[05:34] (Av8toR) thank you for that bit of information

[05:35] (FLYdude) that's ok, it is a pretty minor detail (though important in some ways). Thanks for the updates, even the negative ones... like that "Winter 2003" thing you just said. Oh wait, that's good... more time to fix the bugs (and maybe even get to that Eagle airspeed!  

[05:35] (Av8toR) Actually from a buisness standpoint that would be a much better time to be released.  

[05:36] (Ubi-Wags) Ubi would love to release this summer but Eagle has not fixed enough bugs and we want a clean product at release

[05:36] (ALDEGA) well every day that goes by means added costs, it's a blade that cuts on both sides  

[05:36] (ALDEGA) but the result should be well worth the wait

[05:37] (ALDEGA) demo should be out in a few weeks?

[05:39] * GeneralArrrow has joined #lomac

[05:39] (GeneralArrrow) wow matt is in here

[05:39] (ALDEGA) yep

[05:39] (Ubi-Wags) just need to update the readme, change the German -29 to a Russian -29, change the -23 to a Mirage, change the A-10 loadout, and remove a cheat. Not much. Maybe within a week or two, perhaps less. Can say anything for sure at this point.

[05:40] (GeneralArrrow) now where is shepski

[05:41] (ALDEGA) stormin has provided alot of updates on the demo progress

[05:41] (FLYdude) are there any major discovered, yet not yet corrected bugs in the demo? (and by major I mean the ones which would absolutely be fixed before the demo was even considered for release)?

[05:41] (ALDEGA) good to have him around in the forums  

[05:41] (GeneralArrrow) yar

[05:41] (Av8toR) Why are cheats in pc games in the first place? Is it a tool for developers and beta testers to use as shortcuts for testing?

[05:41] (ALDEGA) in certain games, sure  

[05:42] (Ubi-Wags) the game is very scaleable for all players, including novice players

[05:42] (GeneralArrrow) by cheats i think he means like unlimted fuel, unlimted ammo

[05:42] (Ubi-Wags) yes general

[05:42] (GeneralArrrow) thanks, call me arrow lol

[05:42] * GeneralArrrow is now known as GeneralArrow

[05:42] (GeneralArrow) too many r's

[05:43] (GeneralArrow) i have one thing i would like to see in lomac wags,  

[05:43] (Ubi-Wags) yes flydude but I'm not going to go into detailk at this time

[05:44] (GeneralArrow) Canada on the CF-18

[05:44] (GeneralArrow) should be Canada on the spin

[05:44] (GeneralArrow) other then that its great

[05:44] (Ubi-Wags) already corrected in latest build

[05:44] (GeneralArrow) WOOHOO!

[05:44] (ALDEGA) CF_Cadet will love that  

[05:44] (GeneralArrow) lol emailing him now

[05:45] (Av8toR) As far as cheats go, what I was meaning is not unlimited fuel or ammo or something that a novice would need to enjoy and learn the game.

[05:45] (Av8toR) To me a cheat is something that people in mp use to win by a cheat or unfair advantage.

[05:45] (ALDEGA) maybe something like preventing ai from engaging the user's plane, in order to quickly test a mission

[05:46] (Ubi-Wags) there are no such cheats av8tor

[05:46] (GeneralArrow) cool, what is being done so that such cheats can not be put in the game wags?

[05:47] (Ubi-Wags) you'll have to ask Eagle on the forum about such matters

[05:47] (GeneralArrow) ok, i am not worried aboot it

[05:48] (Av8toR) That is good to hear. Thanks Matt. In that regard it will make lomac a better game.

[05:48] (Ubi-Wags) however, i believe that no matter what the team does, people will always find a way to cheat (ie FB)

[05:48] (GeneralArrow) yup

[05:48] (FLYdude) yeah  

[05:49] (GeneralArrow) just hope it doesnt happen

[05:50] (Ubi-Wags) as i, but i know it will

[05:50] (GeneralArrow) ya

[05:50] (ALDEGA) that's why in all multiplayer games I play coop  

[05:50] (FLYdude) liar  

[05:51] (ALDEGA) well if coop is available ofcourse  

[05:51] (ALDEGA) AA being the only exception

[05:53] (GeneralArrow) A/A is more fun some times

[05:53] (ALDEGA) wags, ravenshield uses a ubisoft master server to list the multiplayer games (in the game), as it is my understanding Lomac only supports multiplayer matchup using the ubi.com software (which does not work with my ISP)?

[05:56] (Ubi-Wags) You can use the Ubi matching service, direct IP connect, and LAN. Also, the team is not building in any restrictions that would prevent other matching services to work with it.

[05:57] (GeneralArrow) cool

[05:57] (FLYdude) hyperlobby! (other matching service  

[05:57] (GeneralArrow) ya HL is cool

[05:57] (GeneralArrow) i still miss JCN though

[05:58] (Av8toR) Matt, Do you know if a person who likes to make their own missions that the missions they make are dynamic in nature? Mission one: destroy bridge. Mission two: destroy convoy stuck at destroyed bridge area?

[05:58] (GeneralArrow) huh lol

[05:58] (Ubi-Wags) yes, you could do that with the campaign editor.

[05:59] (Ubi-Wags) damage is tracked from mission to mission

[05:59] (Av8toR) thank you for that news, it is good to know

[05:59] * BH|IcEmAn|movie has quit IRC (Quit: U are the weakest link... Good Bye.)

[06:00] (GeneralArrow) well guys i gotta get to bed

[06:00] (ALDEGA) cya

[06:00] (GeneralArrow) i start work 530 am

[06:00] (GeneralArrow) if shepski ever comes on tell him arrow says hi

[06:01] (GeneralArrow) arrow out

[06:01] * GeneralArrow has quit IRC (Quit.)

[06:02] (Av8toR) I have to sleep aswell. Thanks Matt for stopping by and answering some questions we have. Perhaps later on you would be available for another discussion (question and answer session) here on #Lomac.

[06:02] (Ubi-Wags) np, i'll try, just very busy these days

[06:03] (Lorak) thank you Wags for stopping by.

[06:03] * Av8toR is away: . Asleep.... ..6(rec: .ON . pager: .OFF.)

[06:03] (Lorak) good night all

[06:04] (ALDEGA) cya Lorak

[06:04] (Lorak) later man.

[06:04] * Lorak has quit IRC (Quit.)

[06:04] (Ubi-Wags) gotta run too, bye all

[06:04] * Ubi-Wags has quit IRC (Quit.)

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Guest MrMudd
[05:56] (Ubi-Wags) You can use the Ubi matching service, direct IP connect, and LAN. Also, the team is not building in any restrictions that would prevent other matching services to work with it.



Sweeet, That means it will work through Hyperlobby!

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I think it's important to add this as well:



Rank:  Over 2000 Postings  

Date:  08/21/03 08:38PM  



I just want to add my comments to Matt's announcement.


We have made great progress, but the rate of progress has jepordized our confidence that we would be finished in time for the "Summer 2003" release. To do so, we would have to release the game by the end of September. To achieve that we would have to have a Gold Master by the end of August. As it stands now, it doesn't take a management genius to look at the bug list and the calendar and come to the conclusion that it is not going to happen by the end of August.


So, if we are "close but no cigar", why the jump to Winter 2003? Easy: Insurance. Lock On now has a bit of a bad reputation amoung the Marketing, Sales, and Retail folks. With all the slippage for this title they no longer believe anything we are telling them about release dates. I can't blame them. Therefore, Ubi Soft is hedging their bets and saying Winter 2003 (which means late December at the least) instead of Fall 2003. Trust me when I say the we at Eagle Dynamics have no desire to be working on this project THAT long. We are going to do what we can to get it finished as soon as we can. We must, unfortunately, agree that the Summer 2003 goal is not going to be met.


We're sorry to let everyone down and hope that you can all understand that we are working very hard and are committed to finishing a quality product.


Thanks again for your understanding and patience.




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