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Oh well! Enough fun so far, for the last 5 hours playing SFP1, WoV, WoE. I haven't bought WoI because short of dollars!


First impression is very good. Actually I think all three games are comparable to other famous or "once famous" flight simulations. Here are my points:


1) The airframe is well modelled. Most ironical facts are famous simulations like Falcon 4, Enemy Engaged and F-18 do not model a dynamic airframe. When you ride inside those cockpits, it feels like space travelling!! Air turbulance isn't there!! WoI/WoE/WoV/Project-1 has done a great job making me feel like I am riding a jet and not a spacecraft. When you soars at 650knots just 150feet above ground level, the pit vibrating like flying over Tasmania Sea, that kind of pleasure really gives me a hard-on.


2) Ray-tracing is rendered admirably without flaws. 3D work of the aircraft models is accountable to this success to be fair.


3) Waters move and it looks as real as that you find in Enemy Engaged 2. Though splahsed waves aren't rendered when you hug over it at supersonic speed.


4) Volumetric/3D clouds revives realism that affirmed. Incredible work truly.


5) I persoanlly like strike missions because they take hell lots of skill to accomplish. When I was playing EF2000 back in 1995, I was accustomed to low level flying/terrain hugging, running in, release bombs, back to home-plate and final approach (180 knots at 5 miles from runway you know that sort of plan). Not to mention a mission without SEAD cover. Those HARM came into very good use in that case. But I do fancy laser guided bomb (precision bombing) missions. And there are lots of aircrafts these games offer/enable such missions. If only there would be more realistic and meaningful ground objects to be formed a target package in future development.


6) I really like those aircrafts of the 60s and 70s. On the one hand, you don't have very advanced avionics which in some ocassions overtakes your command role. Like in a F-22 you don't really need to do much, just autopilot to the target, drop bombs then contact ATC and you will call it a day. No joy!


7) We can recreate Falkland scenarios, Korean War or the Cuban Missile Crisis with what we have already got here.




Hope that a few more theatres with more objects. Sometimes, I wish we could have the terrain of Falcon 4 or that of IL-2 and put all the planes into those theatres. And wish one day, we would have some smart AI ground units which they can integrate into the air war and form a ground war while we are fighting in the air, thus constituting a richer war environment.


Last, anyone can suggest me a joystick? I really need one since all three games give me such a good impression. My budget is between $100-$150. Since I haven't touched on the technology for a while now... you know..

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