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More than 6 paired stations

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"StationGroupID=# (up to 6)

-This makes up the Weapon Station Grouping. This is helpful for Aircraft that have more than 6 Weapon Stations."


is there anyway to make it 7? 6 is not enough but 7 would be good for my project.

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Unfortunately, no.


6 groups is the max. You can have multible stations, in multiple (if I can spelll) places, but only 6 groups. The Skyraider has something like 12-14 stations, but all in 1 group - the HVAR stations, iirc.



kevin stein

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Well, actually...


Yes, you can have more than 6 groups.


However, any additional groups will NOT be selectable in the weapons loadout page.


This could be useful for certain weapons that you always want loaded on the aircraft. You have to use the loadout.ini to get those groups to load.



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