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  1. is there any way possible to play this on MAC OSX?...i have been a big supporter of third wires sims...but my PC took a dump and i don't have the money to repair...a simple yes or no and deletion of this topic would be just fine. again. im sorry for seeming so dumbfounded but if anyone familiar will MAC could help or point me in the proper direction for playing this game on OSX it would be greatly appreciated again i apologize for any inconvenience tony b (aka god save...)
  2. MBB Lampyridae

    i was dorking around on the computer as one normally does when bored and stumbled across something that really got my attention...the MBB Lampyridae. Designed to be a missile fighter for Germany in the 80's, it is said to have had a RCS less than that of the F-117. i managed to find a 3-view* and very few other pictures. i think it looks very similar to the f-16 and could maybe have very similar flight characteristics. has anyone else seen this thing? *it is a large picture.
  3. A little help here

    the air refueler is going to be the 3rd one. your right...it alone had changed air warfare. nothing would be the same with out it. now i got it all planned out. that's why i asked you guys. my little aviation guru haven. i knew you would have some good ideas. thank you very much...i hope you don't mind if i use your suggestions?
  4. A little help here

    you all bring up very good points...right now i'm about 10 pages into this paper...with much more to go...for my next paper ( i think i'm going in reverse order here) 90% sure i'm going to do the F-86...you all are right...the MiG-15/F-86 rivalry changed everything...the first AIM-9 appeared while it was still a turning dogfight... i have been doing lots of research about the F-4 though...holy cow....it seemed like after every plane was assembled the next one had some form of an improvement. it was like evolution on a rapid scale. if you care to read when i get it finished i can post it...just...it's for my Honors History class so i had to dumb down a lot of things so my teacher would understand it...so some of you may laugh... thank you again
  5. A little help here

    honestly i tihnk i'm going to do the F-4....i don't know why i over looked it...but this is the first of 3 i have to write for my History class so i'm sure i will some back and use some other ideas...thank you for your help...i really appreciate it...i was having a major brain fart
  6. A little help here

    i have to write a paper about one aircraft that has changed the face of war. It must be military and post WWII. I was thinking about maybe the B-70,....but it didn't really change too much...anyone have any good ideas...and if it comes down to it I'll just do the B-52...but i'd like to do something less well known. any help would be appreciated.. tony
  7. Xbox Live Call of Duty 4 Players?

    this time around i've been using a lot more sniper rifles... usually like this: G-36c RDS* M21/Barret .50, no ACOG Claymores Overkill Martyrdom *i usually get all the marksman in one gun and move on to the next...so right now...working with Skorpion, which is a piece.
  8. Xbox Live Call of Duty 4 Players?

    um...i play PS3 (dont kill me cause it's not XBOX just lots of buddies from work play on PS3) and the whole "AN/PVQ-31 ACOG" must be for the XBOX, all i ever see is "ACOG"...or MP5SD6....it's just MP5....but another question< the one i actually meant to write about, for the Desert Eagle, you can get the Red Dot Sight? no lie...if i got that, that would be the cats a**. <----nevermind....i misread what was typed:EDIT EDIT:EDIT by the way if any PS3 players read it... GodSaveTheUSA73
  9. sammy lundeen...i'm reading tha book for the 7th time right now..it's just so damn good!
  10. New Hornet sim in making

    i downloaded it and gave it a try...after it loads i get a "...exe has stopped working" may be because i'm running Vista.
  11. Who is your best male lead vocalist?

    as posted above Zach De La Rocha, and being more into the punk and ska music, Dave Quackenbush and Warren Fitzgerald from The Vandals Dexter Holland from The Offspring (way back in the 80's....not so much today) Tomas Kalnoky from Streetlight Manifesto Beck Jello Biafra from Dead Kennedys Nikola Sarcevic from Millencolin and most unique by far ...Jason Shevchuck from None More Black the list could continue on for ever...and also includes everyone mentioned above. just throwing a few different/less known names out there
  12. HESA Saeqeh and Azarakhsh

    http://www.metacafe.com/watch/256431/irans...enters_service/ i found this...but i saw something peculiar. if your interested watch and at about 1:16, you hear engines running but there are covers over the intakes(?) and viggen, the picture of the Azarakhsh is also peculiar in the fact the it looks to have a higher set wing with LEX's. I have seen those but i have also seen some that look too similar to the F-5. I'm thinking they have doing all the drawing and experimenting out in the world instead of making drawing and doing it with models and such. could also be, due to the state run media...anything is possible... on a side note(kinda), did you watch The Daily Show today (jul15 and possibly a rerun but..), about Irans Shahab 3 and the Photoshop deal? this could be one of those as well
  13. HESA Saeqeh and Azarakhsh

    i have searched, quiet a bit actually...and found pretty much nothing, and the same few pictures. i guess i have a question then. assuming you know the F-5E rather well, would/could you suspect they have a similar performance? i'm modding an F-5 model into it for WoI. so some/any info would be appreciated
  14. i know these aircraft has probably seen the forums here a few times but i was looking to see if anyone else had, through your journeys on the info super highway, found any good pictures of theres aircraft, or any information? The Saeqeh looks (from the few pictures i can find) to be bigger than an F-5. Not longer or wider but more beefy. It still looks pretty cool at least tony
  15. Aircraft Camouflage

    Typhoid "waaaaay back in WWII the ship cameo patterns were designed to do two things. One was to hide the ship of course in the murky visual environment of whatever theater they were operating in. (North Atlantic schemes were somewhat different than the South Pacific.....) But even then, the cameo put false bows onto the pattern in order to confuse the range finders and throw off the shot." we do that now with our A-10s, and many other aircraft (i have seen Canadian CF-18's)with ' false canopies". also if you look at an A-10 you will see how there are 2 shades of grey, a light and a dark, they are painted to make the aircrafts color blend with each other, somewhat eliminating the shadow. making it harder to see if it is bank away from you or at you. i guess Boeing did a similar thing with it's 'Bird of Prey' by the way...Falcon161.....that Fulcrum... is pretty much bada**.

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