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The Brainless Guide

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(The Guide is produced with the invaluable advice and assistance of USAFMTL without whose help it could not exist and of course you yourselves)


This Guide to ‘why your SFP1/WOE/WOV/FE game/mod doesn’t work and other game issues’ is for everyone to participate in and is for the benefit of all members. If you have a basic /common game related issue or can remember one from the past then post it in WOI/WOE/WOV General Discussion together with your resolution to the problem if you have one. When this has been verified the problem with its answer will be added to the Guide. Hopefully as this grows it will contain basic fault diagnosis to the common problems you encounter and other game issues.


The Guide is constantly being updated and it is not intended to be a complete or exhaustive answer to all your problems. It’s just hopefully a first port of call, a helpful start before going further into a particular problem/issue.


Please try to keep your problem report as brief as possible. The guide is for common SFP1/WOE/WOV/WOI issues and not for more complex modding & skinning matters residing in other parts of the Knowledge Base and READMEs. If you encounter a problem look here first to see if it’s mentioned if not post it in the SFP1/WOE/WOV/WOI General Discussion section and then look in the Knowledge Base to see if there is a resolution to your problem there.


If you find any error(s) in this guide please report these in SFP1/WOE/WOV/WOI General Discussion. Please do not post in this guide.


One word of warning. Before making any alterations to any file back up the original. It’s a good idea to keep an original instal of any new sim and then copy the whole of it to use for mods. That way you can always start again with an original file or part of a file to work from.-see link below for ways to do this. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=19630






Problem:- My game runs slow

Answer:- Reduce your settings. These will vary depending on your system. Here are some suggestions:-

-start with all setting at normal and then increase one setting at a time to see how your system copes

-turn the water down to low or medium.


Problem:- The water looks flat

Answer:- Turn you water setting up to high in the GRAPHICS OPTION in the game.




Problem:- How do I install a new terrain

Answer:- You can download a new terrain from the ‘maps/terrain Mods’ right here at C.A. Here’s a link.to Terrains, tilesets, Planning maps and Environmental mods.


-Mostly you can download the Terrain and just add/install it to the Terrain Folder of your particular installation but be sure it is compatible with the Original Terrain as most of these modifications require the original boxed/downloaded terrain to be installed first to work. This should be noted in the modders README. If you don’t have a ‘compatible’ original terrain all kinds of ‘nastiness’ can occur and you really don’t want to go there so read the README first.


Problem:- Installed BOB with all the up dates into WOE. When I go to Anti-Ship, the ships are moving down the city streets. When the target is destroyed it sinks into the ground. Is there any way I can get the ships to appear on the water?Answer:- see this link

http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showt...5&st=0& - entry147255




Problem:- What does the CAT Extractor Utility do.

Answer:- When you extract a file from a CAT it just makes a copy of the file (you can’t add or remove files to CAT files) - so when it goes in the correct folder it takes priority over the original in the CAT. So if you extract a file and then modify it but later extract the same file again the Extractor will overwrite your modification!

Answer:- If you have a particular problem go to the link





Problem:- Ground object displays

Answer:- Here’s a typical post (one of mine)of how one small slip can render your object invisible! Just a note for ‘brainless’ ones like me.


’’I downloaded this skin (very nice work) & installed it straight to the T-72A objects file. It was already in my Groundobjects file list and so I applied it to my 'test objects' mission' but it didn't show up. Strange I thought (especially as I had my brain in the right way round) so I extracted the whole file (using the extractor tool- what would we do without it -thanks again to sykepat) and applied the original green skin. Still it didn't show up. What have I done wrong now I thought.

Then I looked at the innards (.ini. file ) and found that the original file, which was an unaltered extraction was coded as T-72M. Hmm strange I thought shouldn't this be T-72A as that was the Groundobject file name. So I altered the M to A and low and behold the tank appeared in all its glory in the new camo.

Now it may just be me but I suspect that as the file came with the original CD installation disc this may well be a problem to many others (that's why I'm posting). I have the Russian version and it may be different for the other versions but if your T-72A tank dosen't show up in the game this letter affix may well be the problem.

I never noticed that this tank didn't show up in the game before now which just goes to show that I couldn't have been paying attention when I had it originally applied in my 'test objects mission' file.’’

Another small note from me here. I always wondered when I downloaded any Groundobject whether or not I had installed it properly and I didn’t really know if it showed up in the game. I then hit upon the idea of having an objects test file for each of my installs that why I can always know if I’ve got the object I just downloaded showing in the sim. The way I do this is to go to the Mission Builder and create a RECON mission (any aircraft with a cockpit will do) and set this on the tarmac or in the pit area somewhere. Then I add all the objects in the GROUNDOBJECTS list to the mission file I just created one at a time. The objects don’t need to go anywhere in particular but I make two test object files one for the BLUE side and the other for the RED side. This keeps the files more manageable and reduces the test mission file sizes, which can give you problems if it gets too large. I put land objects on the land and ships on the sea areas. I keep the size of each object to a single unit. Then I make a note of the GROUNDOBJECTS list and go into the game pressing F7 to check if the objects shows up. If one doesn’t show I know I’ve messed up and then go look at what I’ve done wrong in the GROUNDOBJECTS file innards. Read on for fixes to those problems. You can use the same idea to see if the aircraft you just downloaded shows up/works in the game in the same way. With aircraft just be sure you hit the APPLY & SAVE keys after setting the take off from airfield position in the Mission Builder so you save the ‘on tarmac take off configuration’ otherwise you’ll blow up on the runway /tarmac when you open the mission. Other AI aircraft can be set in the air or if they’re static objects on the airfield to check they show up.


If your newly downloaded object is a TERRAIN OBJECT rather than a GROUNDOBJECT (the two aren’t the same) checking they show up is rather more complicated.(see Wrenches README in Shipwrecked ships) here’s the link. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...p;showfile=4522. You will need to set up an ‘in air’ test mission close to the object to see it, as it probably won’t show using the F7 key sequence.

You can check if your TERRAIN GROUNDOBJECT is likely to show up (not guaranteed if you’ve messed up some parts of the file/folder) by seeing if it shows up in the terrain map in the Mission Builder. If it’s not on the map it definitely won’t show in the game. However if it shows up on the map but not in the game then you’ve probably messed up/missed a file in the TERRAIN OBJECT folder.


Problem:- My GROUNDOBJECT doesn’t show up

Answer:- It could be the line extension XXXX _DATA.ini wasn’t in the data ini.Configuration file.

-The file folder has been mis-named.

-An old naming format used -see link for the latest format.-http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=11815

-Parts of the file folder are missing. Check all the parts (I call them the ingredients) are in the file folder. You need to look at what the developer/modder gave you in his original download file/folder and check you’ve got all the ingredients in you folder.

-It is generally the case that you’ve messed up rather than the developer/modder. So check carefully first before you post a complaint.


Problem:- How do I make my TERRAIN Ground object into a GROUNDOBJECT to use in the OBJECTS list

Answer:- Create a new folder with the name of the object from the Configuration data file (developer’s/modders named file). Empty all the TERRAIN object ingredients into that new folder e.g. data files, LOD files & ini. Files. Check object shows up by using the ‘test mission’ objects list which see in this guide.


Problem:- The aircraft I just downloaded doesn’t show up in the game.

Answer:- You may need to create a new folder with the aircraft’s correctly named folder Look in the Config data file to find the name the modeller used to name the folder (if the folder name is wrong the aircraft/object won’t show up).

Then put the downloaded aircraft ‘ingredients’ into that folder.

- Read the READMe and put the things like sounds, weapons and effects etc. into their respective folders.

-Make sure all the ‘ingredients’ are in your file folder.

-Make sure you’re using an aircraft with a cockpit. AI aircraft can’t be flown!

-Make sure you’re using the right Nation and it’s in the Nations list.

-Make sure the aircraft is not set with the wrong date.

-Check your instal carefully before posting a complaint as it’s more likely you’ve messed up than the developer!


Problem:- How do I use the extractor file and where can I find it to download?

Answer:- This was created by Skypat and can be downloaded at CombateAce (C.A.)

Just extract the file to a safe place on your Hard Drive. The file should open when you click on it. Take care if you have multiple 3rd Wire installations because the Extractor will default to the original Strike Fighters or the first game version and it’s easy to forget this and start extracting from the wrong game folder (which I did recently) you then have go back and start re-installing your mods! Here’s the link to the invaluable Extractor Tool.



Problem:- The catapult strength is crashing my aircraft when I take off from the carrier. How do I adjust this?

Answer:- Chose an aircraft carrier without catapults.

-Here’s a link to one LHA-1 Tarawa by Capun but you need access rights to download, just follow the on screen instructions to make this application

Here’s a link:-http://cpengineringlc.com/SFP1/



Problem:- Can some one help me to put an aircraft in the KMD editor? Answer:- You really need to download the KMD tutorial available here if you haven't already done so. Read that and most things will be explained. You need to set the waypoint co-ordinates for each individual aircraft and/or ground object in the waypoint box. Any co-ordinate will do, you can move this to where you want it later. Once the co-ordinates have been set just check the object box and your object will appear on the map.

Here's a link to the downloads page for this :- http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...um=10&st=30 and here's a link to the tutorial itself:-http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autocom=downloads&showfile=2679

See below in Mission and Campaign Building for a brief description of how to use the KMD.



Problem:- How do I place a static aircraft on the terrain/map

Answer:- If you download the Mission Builder from C.A in Utilities section (I use the KMD one but there is the Le Missionuer from Checksix also) you can open the required map and place the static aircraft on any airfield anywhere you want. Just zoom in to expand the location and add the static aircraft where you want it (assuming you have the static aircraft as a GROUNDOBJECT and not a TERRAIN OBJECT). Just save the file and away you go. A tutorial on how the KMD and Le Missionuer works is also available in WOI/WOE/WOV Utilities download section. Some static aircraft require it to be saved as a 'take off' aircraft even though it will in fact not take off otherwise it will just explode when you open the game. This type of static object is 'mission dependant' and will only show up in one particular mission. If you want the static aircraft to be a permanent feature you will need to set its co-ordinates as a TERRAIN OBJECT. Look in the Knowledge Base for how to do this and in this guide under Object Display Issues. Here’s the link http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...p;showfile=4522.




Problem:- How do I turn the jet engine on/off

Answer:- Use an animation key e.g. CTRL +I but first check to see the particular aircraft has this function. Currently a First Eagles extension but may be included in upgrades to other sims in the Thirdwire series.


Problem:- How do I get rid of the white square in the centre of the cockpit in the F/18

Answer:- For ATI card users only. Resize the F-18_pitch.tga and see this link



Problem:- I created a single mission in the Mission Builder but when I went to fly it, the mission doesn’t appear in the drop down mission list/or when I try to fly the mission the aircraft blows up on the runway.

Answer:- The aircraft must have a cockpit or else the mission won’t show up in the game mission list. If an AI aircraft has been selected as your flyable aircraft the mission won’t show up. Your aircraft will blow up on the runway if you failed to press apply and save in the KMD mission Builder when you selected the airfield to take off from.


Problem:- How do I remove the Aldiss (radar inset ) from the top right hand screen

Answer:- Check this link http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=16272


Problem:- How do I reduce the size of the speedbar fonts and reduce the size of the Red target square and cone

Answer:- Check this link http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=16272


Problem:- A question that often arises, is: "Why is the airspeed of the (you fill in the blank) so low in the game? My research shows that it should achieve 1,289 MPH at 35,000 feet, and yet, the model in Strike Fighters only achieves 589 knots."



Problem:- Does every downloadable aircraft available from the download section here at CA include a corresponding cockpit?Answer:- Yes mostly. Usually they come with their own individually modelled cockpit but some have substitutes from other models. This is almost always stated in the READMEs that come with the particular model.




Problem:- The Bomb bay doors don’t open

Answer:- Press CTRL + O (check the in game OPTIONS for control activation)


Problem:- The skins I downloaded don’t show up/install

Answer:- Check you’ve got all the file folder ingredients.

-Check the texture is in the Aircraft Configuration file list.

-Check the files name for the textures are correct

-Check the texture is appropriate for the aircraft you’re using it with.

-see also this link http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=25876



Problem:- My animation controls don’t work.

Answer:- You need to activate them in the GAME OPTIONS settings (see Bomb Bay doors above)


Problem:- Why do I get CTD when I try to take off.

Answer:- Check this link http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showforum=173

- There may be a number of reasons for this but if nothing helps in the Knowledge Base then post your specific problem in SFP1/WOE/WOV/WOI Game Issues General Discussion section and hopefully someone will post a resolution.


Problem:- Why don’t my AIs/wingmen follow my orders when I tell them to attack/do something

Answer:- AI actions are improved in the latest versions and these may be tweaked in later patches.

-Use the (tab key) radio commands to direct your wingman to take out a target or protect your six. This is not foolproof however and your flight may take quite a while to rejoin you or knock out a target. Generally AI’s have ‘some sort of death wish’ and are often easily shot down which is a constant source of debate here. I believe this issue is being addressed if somewhat slowly and may well be improved over time.


Problem:- How do I create a mission to fly from an aircraft carrier.

Answer:- Check this Knowledge Base link. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=12137




Problem:- my guns don’t fire

Answer:- Check that these have been updated/saved as gundata in the gundata file.

Check in the in game Controls Section that the guns have an activated key allocation.


Problem:- Where can I find the latest weapons pack.

Answer:- Check this knowledge Base link. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...amp;showcat=340



Problem:- Why do my guns keep jamming?

Answer:- This is a feature of First Eagles to add an element of reality. They can be unjammed using the U key.


Problem :- My weapons/gundata file won’t open.

Answer:- They may need enabling in the Data Execution Preventer .


Problem:- How do I add weapons to my aircraft.

Answer:- Check this knowledge Base link. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=18346

-This editing is a bit time consuming and a tad tedious but well worth the effort.

Take five, sit back, read and learn the ‘Knowledge’ and try a simple edit of one loadout first to get the hang of it and in no time you’ll be adding all kinds of killer weapons to your favourite kite.


Problem:- How do I open the Weapons Editor

Answer: See this Knowledge Base link


-They may need enabling in the Data Execution Preventer .


Problem:- My gun ammo has run out . How do I refill my ammunition?

Answer:- You can’t. The sim series doesn’t support /offer reloads.


Problem:- Why don’t my wingmen /AIs use third party weapon loadouts?

Answer:- This is a game engine ‘thingy’. Some of the modded aircraft have sophisticated weapons for you to use but your wingmen and flight buddies are well shall we say a bit on the Brainless side and don’t know how they work, so they can’t use ‘em! Just give ‘em the default ones, they’ll still knock out the target for you!


Problem :-Is there any way to select our own ground targets (not vehicles, i.e. hangars, fuel tanks, warehouses etc) or are they already pre-programmed into the guidance system? This is assuming I'm carrying LGB's.

Answer:- LGBs will only recognise the primary target. Game engine thingy...

You can get them to lock a non-assigned secondary, usually a AA, SAM or SAM radar. But never a building, oil tank, etc, that was NOT the primary target.


Problem:- How do I change weapons loadouts on my aircraft

Answer:- See Knowledge Base link http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=18346


Problem:- I have run out of a particular type of weapon and can’t load these on my aircraft. What can I do about it

Answer:- Increase the weapon Base Quantity in the weapon editor but be careful of the size as the campaign engine uses this information.


CTD (crash to desktop)


Problem:- My games keeps crashing what could it be?

Answer:- This might be a sound problem. Check the WAVsound is in the SOUND folder and that the settings in the aircraft’s ini.file matches the sound name.

-If the game still crashes set the sound to the default setting.

-Try the simple things first. Reboot your computer after installing.

-Check you have the latest patches and DirectX

-Sometimes a corrupt model or GROUNDOBJECT file/folder can crash the game. check all your GROUNDOBJECTS show by using a test mission to ensure everything is working correctly

-If none of this works check this Knowledge Base link http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showforum=196




Problem:- I can’t download

Answer:- Please refer to the list below

1.Make sure your browser settings allow for cookies from our domain combatace.com. If your security is set too high the site can't pass the information to your browser correctly. Try lowering them or setting them to a default setting.


2. Make sure your browser allows pop-ups from our site. All downloads are passed through a pop-up window to minimize full windows we open. If you use a pop-up blocker OEM or otherwise, disable it, or configure it to allow pop-ups from our site. We do not send advertisements or any other junk in pop-ups, it's safe to allow them here.


3. Is your account validated? Once you sign up for a username and password to access the forums and downloads we will send you an email to validate your account. If you don't receive this email because of security or spam settings on your email account then you will not be allowed to member only features such as downloads. Before joining please make sure you've allowed email from our domain at combatace.com.


4. Firewall / Antivirus software needs to be configured or set to allow for downloads and pop-ups. For obvious reasons we can't support each specific vendor's software and have to rely on the enduser (you) to make sure these types of security software are configured for our site.


The good folks here work hard to keep our site safe and user friendly. While we can't guarantee that the internet is safe for everyone, we at least want you to know that your time here is and will remain a browser safe environment.


Not all of these may apply to you specifically, but they are the top responses I send to existing and new members.


I hope this helps and as Fates mentioned if you have more details we'd be happy to dig deeper into finding a resolve.


5. We don't allow download managers because they require all downloads to be in the public domain. Public files especially large ones lead to file leaching

which is a very costly problem inherent to the Internet. Sorry, but hope that helps


Problem:- I can't add picture or file in a topic because in the lower left on the screen it was Attachment space used 18.63MB of 8MB


Answer:- Click on the link below

http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?act=U...amp;CODE=attach link

It will take you to your attachment manager. If you have a bunch of old attachments (start with the oldest ones first) you can remove them from the system to clean up space.


Problem:- I can't seem to figure out how to post Pictures of screenshots or whatever into threads or PM's can you guys give me an easy way of doing this.

Answer:- Use the attachment system below the editor (where you type). Upload an image, then click the plus sign next to the image when it's uploaded to add it into a post.


You can also use the gallery see link on top menu bar above and post your images there, then simply link to them in posts by using the add image icon above the editor (where you type).


- Use the attachment system below the editor (where you type). Upload an image, then click the plus sign next to the image when it's uploaded to add it into a post (post = thread).

-You can also use the gallery see link on top menu bar above and post your images there, then link to them in posts (post = thread) by using the add image icon above the editor (where you type).

-The PM system and Forum system use the same editor so they work exactly the same

- You can also use imageshack or photobucket and once the image is uploaded with them (follow their steps) then a link will be provided that you simply copy, then paste into the post that you are writing where you want it.




Problem:- I have a old but very good Microsoft FF pro stick with a microsoft serial to usb adapter. The computer doesn't recognise the stick as even being there. How do I get it to work.Answer:- Try re-installing the Microsoft installation disc.


Problem:- Is there a single key for a rear view (check my 6)? The F5 key shows the plane's rear and then I have to move the camera which takes valuable time in combat.Answer:- No key for rear view, use the mirrors if your system can handle it ! Or F6 external and look behind you that way.


Problem:- Where can I see my ammo status (number of missiles left and so on...) & fuel status ?

Answer:- Fuel...use the cockpit gauge. Ammo, sneak an external peek !


Problem:- Why do I need waypoints and can't just fly ahead to the target ?

Answer:-You can fly straight to the target if you wish. Press W until the waypoint indicator is on the triangle target marker on the map view (M). Waypoints are how it's done in real life. You can move them in the planning map ! ( in game)


Problem:- Is there a way to ask my wingman to get closer to me, or do I have to find him wherever he is in the sky ?

Answer:-Press Tab, this brings up the wingman orders. Select Wingman, 4. rejoin.

There are formation mods for this as well. Check this link


-There are also other formation types for specific instals like the BoB campaign for instance. Check out these in the downloads section.




Problem:- Where’s the best place to install my game and how much drive space do I need.

Answer:- Probably best to install to a separate folder. Recommended HD space, if you want to add mods etc, is a minimum of 50GB.


Problem:- Do I need to make a separate installation of every game in the series.

Answer:- This is a good idea as it will give you a ‘virgin’ install to work from if things go wrong with one of your installations or mods


Problem:- Do I need SFP1, WoE, and WoI to use the mods (such as new terrain sets, aircraft skins, etc...) or does it really matter which game I have?

Answer:- Depends on the individual Mod - Most mods will work with SFP1, SFG, WOV and WOE at the moment (Service Pack 4) - the readme with it should really say what it was designed for - and say if you cant use it in a particular game etc


WOI has just come out - and because of the changes made some existing mods will need to be revised to work with it.


The other games SFP, WOV etc are due to have the next service Pack (SP5) released to bring them up to the same level as WOI. If you patch WOV to SP5 for example when (if) its released a few older mods may not work with it - but they hopefully will be revised so they do in the future.


Problem:- The Allied and Axis Ranges don’t work.

Answer:-Check the Range_Types.ini, Range_target.ini, and Range_Movement.ini are in the correct range folder.


Problem:- Where can I buy WOI/WOE WOV

Answer:- Third Wire download site or any good sim retailer like Amazon


Problem:- Why can’t I install the terrain. I just downloaded it but it won’t load into the terrain file.

Answer:- First load the terrain files to a temporary place on your Hard Drive and then copy them into the terrain you want from there after creating a new folder for it.


Problem:- What patches do I need

Answer:- Check at the ThirdWire downloads page on-line.

Here’s a link:-http://www.thirdwire.com/


Problem:- How do I apply the patches. Will it effect my existing pre-patch mods and terrain etc if so what should I do?

Answer:- Make a clean install, add patches then add mods. Do not ever patch over a modded installs!


Problem:- How do I install an add-on aircraft downloaded from here.

Answer:- Jjust follow the README instructions. Basically all you do is just add (drop and drag) the add-on aircraft folders to the Aircraft section in the file tree, which you need to preserve, in the folders that come with the game. There maybe other file/folder 'ingredients' that come with the aircraft. Like sounds go in the sounds folder, the effects go in the effects folder, weapons go in the weapons folder, which you may have to create. Look in the knowledge Base here for how to do this. Here is a link. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=18346




Problem:- My newly downloaded mod doesn’t work.

Answer:- Check the WOI/WOE/SFP1/WOV File announcement section for the latest updates.

-See above for more specific answers





Problem:- How do I use the KMD Mission builder

Answer:- First download the KMD and then the KMD Tutorial. Then read the excellent tutorial.


Here are the links:-http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autocom=downloads&showfile=2678



-Install the KMD in the main game file of whichever sim version you are using e.g. WOE or SFP1 (it works with all the sim versions). Create a desktop icon for the KMD.

- Open the KMD (double click on it). A black screen will appear with the KMD border.

- Open a terrain map. It should have the terrain map of the game file you put it in (use map No1 for instance). If no terrain appears you’ve messed up and done ‘a Brainless’.

Go back and see if you can fix it, if not post the problem in Game Issues at C.A and ask for help.

- Once you’ve got the map up make sure you’ve got view all in the view list.

- Click on ‘file’ and open ‘a new mission,’ a box will open. Give the new mission a file name.

- An aircraft will appear in the new mission box. It will most probably be one you don’t want so select the one you want from the ‘object type’ box.

- In the mission dialog ‘size & chance’ boxes select 1 for number of aircraft in the flight (you can make this a max of 16 but use one your first attempt) and for & 100% for its appearance chance.

- From the drop down boxes fill in the mission details e.g callsign, formation, size (size No. of aircraft in the mission),mission objectives e.g. strike, aircaft decal no. (top RH box), Nation, Alignment Friend or Foe, loadout, ammo, fuel, camo and squadron. Also select an appropriate date and time of the mission and the weather you want and the sams level (heavy means they’ll try to bust you arse!).

- Now click (highlight) the aircraft (line turns blue) and open the waypoint parameters box. Fill in the co-ordinates X & Y positions with a (usually) six figure number from the co-ordinates shown at the very bottom of the KMD border screen. It doesn’t matter what too much about this as you will be able to move the aircraft around the map later with the mouse.

- Now check the aircaft box (highlighted blue) to get a green tick. The aircraft should appear on the map. If it doesn’t you’ve ‘done a Brainless’ and need to check out this brief again.

- Right click the mouse on the map and a box will appear to give you more information. Look at that information you can use it later. Close the box.

- Highlight the aircraft icon and Hold down CTRL + the Left mouse and click on an area of the map away from the aircraft and a waypoint (white circle) will appear. Congratulations you just made your first waypoint. From the waypoint marker (highlight this by clicking on it) repeat the operation ( CRTL +LH mouse) to make the next waypoint . Make the number of waypoints you want (I use min of seven) max. is 16.

- Put the aircraft over an airfield and open the mission dialog box. (RH click on map) check the ‘take of’ box and the player box (green ticks). Now very important click APPLY & SAVE.

- Open the waypoint parameters box by clicking on the aircraft icon or any waypoint and fill in command points 1-7, (drop down box) Take off (wypt No.1), depart (wypt no.2), initial point (wypt No.3), objective poin t(wypt No.4), approach(wypt No.5),landline up(wypt No.6), and land(wypt No.7), then speed (wypt No.1=0), (wypt No.2 add say 250kts),then aircraft speed for all the other wpts except land =0 size (use 200) altitude (wypt No.1=0), (wypt No.2 say 750mtrs), (wypt No.3 say3000mtrs), (wypt No.4 say 3000mtrs), (wypt No.5 say 1500), (wypt No.6 say 500), (wypt No.7 0mtrs). Congratulations you’ve just set your first aircraft flight.

- In the waypoint parameters command box fill in the objective (place wypt No.4 over object on map and click map, click assign object to this waypoint.(strike mission) and target in appear in the mission dialog box.

- Click on last waypoint no.7 dialog box will appear assign ‘land at this waypoint’. THEN SAVEALL

- Go into game and see if your aircraft appears in the right place on the runway. If not go back into KMD and set the degree of direction in the top part of the waypoint dialog box.(head)

If you blow up on the runway when you go into the game it’s because you ‘did a Brainless’ and didn’t APPLY & SAVE like I told you.


Right this IS NOT anything like a complete guide to all the aspects of the KMD. It’s just to get you started. You need to use it and mess with it to see how it all works and READ Buff’s guide.


If you want further help with this post in GAME ISSUES and I’ll do my best to help plus other members may well be able to explain things about its nuances even better than me!


Problem:- What do I need to do extend the date range in WOE/WOV/WOI/FE?

Answer:- Check this knowledge Base link (add link): http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=11833


Problem:- I've patched SF-Gold to the latest service pack, and now the anti-ship missions don't work.I can set up the missions and the aircraft but there are no ships out there. I know I have ships in my installation, but each object is in a separate folder in the GroundObjects folder.[/


Answer:- You may have old file name extensions (see below )

-The ground objects in the latest patched versions of the TW games are in their own folders in the Objects/GroundObject folder. The object should have the same name (exactly) as the folder it's stored in, so, for example, the carrier that comes with Task Force 58 (see here: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...;showfile=5438) will appear in folder named "CV-59" in the Objects/GroundObject folder. The ini file that defines the model within that folder will be named "CV-59.ini" and so on for each object. Aircraft are similarly named after their folder name.



Problem:-I have got to a certain stage in a campaign where the aircraft numbers do not show anymore on some aircraft (I am using a non stock aircraft and some non stock skins).


Answer:- There is an easy way to ensure that the numbers for your aircraft will show up in a campaign (even when there are just 12 available)

Open the campaign_data file and search for the unit you want to play the campaign with:

Check whether your airunit contains the line I've marked below. IMHO units using 3rd party skins should always have this line.









StartNumber=0 - setting this number to '0' means that the first number will chosen.


However, in order to work two conditions must be met.

1. The skin folder should contain a file called numbers.lst

Without it you won't be able to select a specific number and have to depend on the game engine's RNG that will pick the number instead.

2. The decals must be numbered (ie. num000, num001, etc.)

There are some skins that do not contain a decal named num000, thus breaking the sequence....at least this has been my experience so far.


Problem:- How do install aircraft carriers and take off from them?

Answer:- Download an aircraft carrier from here, install it and use one of the Mission Builders to create a mission to take off from the carrier or download a carrier campaign.


Problem:- How do it get the aircraft carriers to show up in a campaign?

Answer:- Check this knowledge Base link.



Problem:- How do I fly MIGs in a campaign on the red side.

Answer:- There are many things you need to fly Migs.

-Cat extractor: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...mp;showfile=343

In section Missions/Campaigns are some good and interesting things.

For Wings over Vietnam: Charles Aces (five parts)


Vietnam 1984 -http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...p;showfile=5289

North Vietnam Red Sky http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...mp;showfile=825

North Vietnam Soviet Aces http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...mp;showfile=822

North Vietnam Mig Aces http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...mp;showfile=811

-Or other very interesting campaigns for Migs or Sus (not just for WOV):

Middle East Wars campaign pack http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...p;showfile=3095

Middle East Wars v1.1 update http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...p;showfile=4149

Operation Tainted Cigar Version 2.0 (part 1) ------ http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...p;showfile=3873

Operation Tainted Cigar Version 2.0 (part 2) ------- http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...p;showfile=3874

- Try searching in download section. You can add another new Mig squadrons to every campaign you want. Just follow steps from Knowledge Base.


Problem:- How do I install a Campaign.

Answer:- You can download a modder campaign from C.A and just follow the README guide to installation.

-On odd occasions these may have limits but for the most part work just fine. The Campaign developer/modder is constantly updating his campaign so keep checking back here for the latest version.

-Here’s a link to some more on this subject (this is in the process of being updated but a new link will be added when available, meanwhile post a query in the Mission and Campaign section here at C.A. and someone will help you.)


Problem:- Where and how do you land on the aircraft carrier?

Answer:- You need to download a carrier campaign. There are some in WOI\WOE\WOV User Campaign/missions downloads so take your pick to suit the terrain you're using or make your own missions using the Mission Builder also available here look for KMD in WOI\WOE\WOV Utilities Section. You will also need a carrier type aircraft with a hook, again downloadable from WOI\WOE\WOV aircraft if you don't have a stock one. There's quite a few, so take your pick in the aircraft WOI\WOE\WOV download section. Plus you need an aircraft carrier also available look in WOI\WOE\WOV ships, again there are a number to chose from. Try a nice easily to fly aircraft like the Skyhawk first to get the hang of the correct approach and landing sequence. It takes a bit of practice but once you've got the hang of 'getting in the grooove' you'll soon be doing it like a pro. As a guide start at 3000ft up about 3mls out from the ship (press * to get a distance to ship mileage gauge) do a nice easy descent aiming for the back of the deck and land with your wheels over the bow to trap the wire. Make sure you've got your wheels and hook down and fly in just above stall speed for the aircraft you're using.

Links to aircraft carriers:- http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...amp;showcat=330

Links to Navy aircraft:-http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autocom=downloads&showcat=276

Links to KMD:-



Problem:- Why doesn’t my campaign work.

Answer:- Check with the campaign designer to see if he/she can provide the answer by posting in ‘Your Controls’ or see members posts on the particular campaign.


Problem:- Why can’t I sink an aircraft carrier.

Answer:- These are extremely well protected and difficult to sink.



Problem:- How do I create a new campaign.

Answer:- look here: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showforum=99

Problem:- Why do some objects appear in the wrong place e.g a boat on land or a vehicle in the sea

Answer:- Misplaced co-ordinates in the terrain file.

- You can correct these co-ordinate placements yourself by re-numbering but you need a grasp of how this works. A good way to start is by placing TERRAIN OBJECTS first. This will give you a guide as to how the X,Y numbering system works and how placements are made.





Problem:- When I open the mission map I get CTD.

Answer:- Check you have all three terrain maps installed.


Problem:- What changes the weather parameters in the sim.

Answer:- Currently not possible.


Problem:- How do I set up a single mission to bomb a specific target. I’m fed up bombing airfields and fuel tanks.

Answer:- Use the KMD Mission Builder available at CombateAce or LeMissionuer from Frenchsix. Here’s the links:- see above for the KMD

French site checksix :-http://checksix-fr.com/




Problem :- Why does my AI aircraft run out of fuel mid way thro’ a mission.

Answer:- The amount of fuel is individually set for each aircraft by the aircraft designer but this can be changed in the aircraft data file by increasing the amount of fuel in the fuel cells. This is something currently under debate and review.

- Check this topic





Problem:- My game crashes in Windows Vista.

Answer:- Check you have the latest patches and DirectX

-Check this knowledge Base link http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=26451


Problem:- After completing a mission when I use the 'End Mission' command the game exits to Windows instead of the Mission Debrief Screen.

Answer:- Check this knowledge Base link :http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=26451





Problem:- How do I delete a Pilot Record

Answer:- Can be done in the campaign Options or from the file innards in the Pilotlist.in. file by deleting the named pilot. Do not delete the Ace Pilot (default)


Problem:- How do I change the Loading/Menu Screens.

Answer:- Check this Knowledge Base link:- being updated link will be provided when done.

- These can be downloaded from here. Just follow the README instructions. If you have a particular problem with a Loading/Hanger screen post the problem in GAME ISSUES and we’ll try to help.



Problem:- In First eagles the game crashes to desktop/locks up when I press fly after selecting an army co-opertaion mission.

Answer:- This is a known issue with some aircraft which randomly crashes the sim. Currently there is no resolution for this.


Problem:- After I have placed some static aircraft on the airfield and taken off I pressed Alt + N to fast forward and the screen locked and I had to re-boot my computer. Why is this?

Answer:- This is a known ‘Heading’ issue bug. Currently there is no resolution for this just fly normally and don’t press Alt + N and you’ll be fine. Well you like flying don’t you?




Problem:- I run a 19" flat Panel with my Wings Over Vietnam and try to get the chase view up. When it comes up, only half the jet shows on my screen. Do I have my screen settings off or is this really what the chase view looks like?

Answer:- This is not the standard view You may need to adjust your monitor settings. Other than that you would need to post pictures and more details for a member to assist. Those here running the sim on Vista have not encountered the problem you describe.

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