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Terrain clipping issue

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Hi there.


Making progress on full-size terrain, by playing around with the various values for inputting DEM data in TE. I couldn't get the height bitmap method to work, I think because I am using PAINT.net rather than photoshop, and I see it makes a difference if you are using 8-bit integrated colour as opposed to RGB (or something like that, from an old thread here).


Anyway, I can get TE to read DEM data and produce full-scale terrain, which is very handy for all the crinkly bits round the edge of Scotland as the autotexture works much better. But, when I use that method, I get very bad height data clipping in game - the hills pop up into view a short distance away from your plane, and everything beyond that is flat. rather an immersion killer.


Deuces mentioned way back in an old thread that this issue can be fixed by "some" edits to the Flightengine.ini. I have been playing around with those settings, but no joy. Anyone got any suggestions as to what I should fix?


Here's what I'm talking about:-


Hills pop up into view, flat beyond. The distant white patches in this shot should be mountain peaks, not millponds:





Nice contoured terrain out to the horizon:




OK, it helps that in the second shot I am using Brain32's Germany CE repaint with CA_Stary's trees and farms mod, but you get the idea.


Farclip and Nearclip settings look like they ought to do something, but I can't fix it.


Any suggestions welcome.





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Here's some advice. Use "gimp" as your image editing software and you can get the heightmap .bmp files to work properly :rolleyes:


Halleluyah :biggrin:

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