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tell me a flight sim that has...(part 2)

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flyable mig21s or/and mirages...with their OWN cockpit unlike lomac where its two planes in one literally :biggrin:


also, i was wondering how good a game this WOI really is?i have played janes usaf quite thoroughly a few years back and i was wondering if WOI has graphics and stuff as old as usaf or wht


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WOI has a Mirage III out of the box with its own cockpit, plus there are other Mirages here. You can make the MiG-21s in any of the TW sims flyable, but they don't have a dedicated cockpit. However, you can DL a cockpit for them or an entire new MiG-21 w/cockpit from our files. There's also maybe 200 other odd planes you can download including helos and recon and transports and bombers.


I never played Jane's USAF, but I played ALL of the preceding ones: USNF, USMF, ATF, NATO, USNF 97, and IAF. TW's sims are indeed the successor to that style of flight sim, but of course things are much better as far as graphics. Go to the screenshot thread in the WOV/WOI forums and you'll see what it looks like.

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