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Suicidal AI tactics in WOV

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Flew three missions in WOV last night-two were very good but the third went wrong. The first was flown in an F-105 in the stock Rolling Thunder campaign and numbers two and three in a MiG-17 in the Charlie's Aces mod (excellent mod BTW).


1. Flew low and fast through heavy AAA, missed the target but one of my flight hit it, returned to base and landed after dodging some MiGs-very convincing.


2. A Navy F-4 blew me out of the sky with a missile about 10 minutes after take-off-still counts as a good mission in my book though because the opposing AI was aggressive and I felt challenged and convinced by the scenario.


3. Oh no-the AI seems to have become suicidal-I saw an A-6 that was so intent on strafing ground targets that it ignored a MiG firing from dead astern, 4 A-4s downed one after the other because again they ignored me and my wingman and just carried on on the same course at the same speed even when their wingmen were falling out of the sky and an F-105 that tried to engage my MiG in a turning fight. I'm not good enough at flightsims to deserve 5 kills in one mission! :-) AI was set at the highest level-I use all hard settings except for "normal" fuel where A2A refuelling would otherwise be needed.


In some single missions I've seen really aggressive well flown AI planes, but they were fighters, so is the difference due to different AI routines applying to bomber and fighter flights? I think there was a problem with passive AI in FE in earlier versions and it was fixed by the EP. The AI in WOI is also very good I hear so I was wondering whether there are any fixes for WOV?

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The fix will be in the patch which brings the rest of the series up to WOI standards.


I'll concur that the AI on both sides in WOI is much better. Wingmen form up quicker and don't bounce around everywhere. Enemy AI the other day made me realize that just as in real life you don't overshoot them, one took a devestating (for me) snapshot as I overran him.

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