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  1. Maybe TK is working towards more realistic propeller operation? In RL Constant Speed means the propellers turn at the same RPM regardless of engine power once the set governing RPM value of the prop is reached, hence more engine power = more propeller blade bite (steeper angle towards the front) to produce more thrust as the propeller remains spinning at the set RPM. But then Dels, you already know that being on the Herk. I havn't looked at current game values myself, but have recently (bears come to mind) seen Constant speed = False when I thought they should read "True"
  2. IF YOU ONLY knew the number of people that asked me if they were going swimming the day after that happened !! And I don't even work for US Airways. SHEESH
  3. I agree with Wrench! Also, if you want numbers with boarders, you can use mine from the Navy SU-27 skins (00-99 blue and red with white boarders). Take ya pick
  4. It sounds like you havn't even tried to look in the downloads section. Bunyap's range terrain is on page 10 of the terrains section, with enhancements by Wrench on pages 8 and 5. It took me less than 5 minutes to find them.
  5. Incase you havn't gotten an answer yet, follow this thread. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=35016
  6. Out of curiosity, are you trying to put 3 different kinds of jet in the player flight?
  7. I keep holding my breath for one with a tailhook.....Not sure how blue I can turn.
  8. Not true. The stock F-4E canopies have opened at the very least since TK implimented the additional animation keys.
  9. That bird looks like it has fresh gloss paint on it. Might be a send off color
  10. From my experiance KCT, the grey F-4Es had a black rain erosion boot bonded to the forward portion of the radome. Likewise the Euro1 and Asia1 colored birds had the rain erosion coating painted onto the entire radome. I've painted them myself a few times. Perhaps the photos were just a phantom that didn't have a boot bonded on yet. But I'm not saying they all had protective coatings either.
  11. A key has to be assigned to the "Animation Key (1-10) =" commands in the controlls setup at the bottom under "Miscellaneous Commands". In the aircraftX_Data.ini the line "InputName=ANIMATION_2" will activate the animation sequence with the keypress assigned to "Animation Key 2" in the games controlls setup. Example of Manual entry. // Canopy Animation --------------------------------------------- [Canopy] <==== MUST be listed as a system in the related aircraft part (ex. Nose) SystemType=ANIMATION InputName=ANIMATION_2 <==== Corosponds to the desired animation keypress assignment DeploymentMethod=MANUAL AnimationTime=6.0 AnimationID=7 <=== Identification of the animation assigned to that part in MAX, should already be there for auto entries
  12. KCT has a point which reminded me of another one with the Weapon Editor. Check the WeaponEditor.ini in the Object folder with the WeaponEditor.exe and make sure THAT path is pointing to your game. For instance, from my all-in one install... [WeaponEditor] TargetDirectory=D:\Wings 2007 Europe\Objects\Weapons <================ ImportDirectory=D:\Wings Over Vietnam\ZZ_Addons\Aircraft\JAS-39C Gripen\Gripen\Gripen_Final PositionX=36 PositionY=6
  13. The only other things I can think of on this are 1) Nation=USN in the weapondata.ini for the tanks 2) for the AIM-54 in the weaponeditor Export Availability = "rare" or "common" NOT "very rare" And (important troubleshooting info) 3) upon entering the loadout screen before changing anything is there a black dot on the grid where the tanks and phoenixes are to be loaded but the weapon selection pulldown menu is reading as "empty"? If the dot is there, don't change anything just back out of the loadout screen and hit fly and see if the weaps are on the jet. Black dot means the loadout ini is trying to do it's function but the problem is either with the lod/file path, or "local" availability of the weapon within the mission.
  14. Ok, my next question is what years are you trying to fly in. For the Phoenix if you are trying to fly after 1984 the game won't load the Phoenix because the loadout.ini specifies the "A" version (service 1974-1984). Change AIM-54A to AIM-54C in the loadout.ini see if that helps the Phoenix issue. for the tanks, get rid of the NATO entry in the F-14A_data.ini for the fuel stations, leave them USN only. I've had problems with multiple "AttachmentType=" entries. Also make export values no less than "rare" Hope this helps.
  15. Rambler, can you post or pm the entries from the weapondata.ini for the tanks and Phoenix's, and the entries for the weapon stations from the F-14, and one entry from the loadout.ini? I'm curious if this is something that I've run into with the cat in the past.

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