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Radar Q for MrMudd (inspired by recent posts) :)

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jf18 had an "expand" mode - you could get a close-up of the air targets out ahead of you.


Does LOMAC's F-15 have the ability to "zoom in" like this? And, lacking this mode, how does this affect ability to conduct radar meld - if at all?

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Guest MrMudd

Short and Long answer



The short answer would be to speak with Matt Wagner at UbI-Soft in the Lomac Forums. He was and is apart of the development of janes F18E and the New LOMAC sim. Only he could speak to the modeled" Fidelity" they have planned in to the sim and its status.


I cant really Speak as to the Fidelity of the LOMACS sims radar because the BETA that i Have is very "RAW" and was for "Preview only"


it wouldnt be fair or right to make statements concerning a sim that is not on the shelf yet, and make opinions based on their planned design goal.


I dont know the masterplan or any behind the scenes info for LOMAC. I am humbly waiting outside the fence so to speak with the rest of ya.


Being I am not under an NDA with Eagle Dynamics and UBI-SOFT. Keeps me in the Fog with the masses... MadJeff has his own Guidlines for how i carry the weight as an editor. It is his responsibility to negotiate the Media with the PC Vendors....


All i can share and "Present" is what they have shared with BIOHAZCENTRAL.COM. If i hear anything officially from them, i'll be sure to pass it on. Im here to serve the community, in return for the service and enjoment i get from flying with all of you online.


My focus has been on "What seperates LOMAC from other COMBAT JET SIMS"


I was initially required to present a preview, but after the Other sites have Chewed, Devoured this animal up. I prefered to attack from a differnt angle on the sims "Immersion" and what it provides for this.


If we look at the "buisness end" of the APG-63 (F15C) and compare the F18E apg-73, They have allot of differnt methodologies and software programing as well as a modern "Evolved" radar system.


the F15E's radar is a closer couisin to the F18E. and even those have variations and "Suite" Setup.



In my opinion. for what i have. The sims radar is Productive and works just fine. I come from the real Fighter Community... and approach with the mindset of not sitting back letting the Radar do the work, but by manuevering my airframe to create the best enviroment for my systems.


I can say that the enemy AI's deploy doppler Notch Spoofing and Contacts do fade..... Tight Formation Contacts will show as one...just as they do in real life. Haveing a slightly lesser modeled systems force you to understand more about the RADAR spectrum and how best to play in that arena. This is not a bad thing.


I think the AI are top notch as compared to sims of the past.


Janes F18E was a great sim...Too bad the Hackers ruined the sim for the rest of us to enjoy online in fair competition


The Online aspect is 90% of my sim activity.....

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Hopefully we can password protect online sessions so as to keep hackers out. Its almost a foregone conclusion that they'll do their level best to ruin this sim's online experience.




Back to the sim, though - can you comment on the relative performance of the different fighters' radar? Alot of us (here on the outside looking in! ;D ) hope for opposing fighters with differing radar qualities. Example - differences in look-down performance, max detection ranges, susceptibility to jamming, ability to "break out" individual contacts, etc.




I understand if you haven't got the answers now. Just, if you're gonna be doing any more of these write-ups, keep these kinds of things in the back of your mind. Would be cool to get a heads up on this sorta stuff. 'Specially from a DRIVER'S point of view.

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Guest MrMudd

I'l l do my best to assist your guys understandings of the sim...


These Same findings i have with real aviators. productivity in the airframe and proper execution of it.


I also understand that this "Chunk of Code" will never be the real deal, in so many ways.


I approach it as its own "Personality" and try to understand what it provides me in the positive and negative aspects, so that i am more focused on operateing it to an advantage over say an opponent that is flying behind the virtual jet.




AS far as the RADAR performance. I have noticed some tendancies on a advesaries aspect angle and have checked out the azimuth and vertical scan abilities.. Sure enough if i wasnt pointing correctly or had the correct aspect to their altitude block and or heading.... they would dissapear. I like this modeled feature very much.


Also i watched in awe as a 4 ship SU-27 handicaped with guns only play a nasty trick... They maintained spoofs and notchs, causeing me to lose track several times. I decided to play "blind" and continue my course. The ai Under stood what i was doing, Kicked off a single fighter out of their formation..he went low and away out of my Block scan...(MED_HIGH) and manuevered around behind me with radar off...subsequently the bandit manueverd behind me before i was able to attack the 3 ship conducting a faint manuever. Once i Broke my Lock of the Bandits, and focused my attention on the single fighter, the trap was sprung and i was in a multi angled 3 dimentional fight very quickly, but i was able to gun and kill 3 of them before i caught some LEAD.....


I was a little braver at low levels than the Ai..... I used that to my advantage. Denied them the vertical envelope, But lost SA on the Fourth, he extended and got a good shot in on me.

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