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Problem: TE loads only a part of the terrain hight data

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Problem: TE loads only a part of the terrain hight data


The reason for it is, that you has choosen a part of the world which is not completly covered by one of the GTOPO30 tiles from site http://edc.usgs.gov/products/elevation/gtopo30/gtopo30.html.

For instance Poland or Angola are such regions of the world which are split in two parts.


How to solve this problem?


You need the new version of TE.


Step 1: Follow the normal way of terrain creating as descriped in the tutorials. What means, create a new terrain, enter size and coordinates of the left upper corner of the terrain and import the DEM hight data. Choose the "left" DEM

Autotexture the terrain and save it.


Step 2: Now click View, click View Hight Field


You see that the right side of the terrain is completly blue. What means there is water wher no water should be.


Step 3: Click File, Click Export Hight Map as Bitmap


Save the bitmap file. Remember the filename!


Step 4: Now, restart. Do Step 1 again, but now import the "right" DEM high data. (no autotexture this time) If you now make Step 2 again you will see that the left side is now blue, while the right side contains height data information.

Export Hight Map as Bitmap again and save it under a different name.


Step 5: Open paint program ( I use PaintShopPro) Open the 2 saved Bitmap files and merge it togheter via cut and past or copy functions.

Save the merged Bitmap file.


Step 6: Back to TE. Open the saved terrain


Step 7: Click File, Click Import Height Map as Bitmap

Choose the merged bitmap file and click Okay.

Save the terrain.


Thats it.

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