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So i found this site called gizoogle, pretty funny stuff. Anyway, they had a gangsta translator. I tested it out on combatace and got this:



I'm pretty sure these is good bitch (at least fo` nizzle n I thought T-H-to-tha-izzat tha performance of tha F-4B wit these spendin' was similar ta rizzy life so bow down to the bow wow. Handl'n qualities is stizzill a bit off, but I'm not smizzay enough ta figure out how ta change thiznem.


Now ta tha tactics . Aint no killin' everybodys chillin'. The follow'n is basic suggestions (as I killa thizzem) directly from tha USN TOPGUN Schoo` n tha USMC Air Combat Tactics Instructor (ACTI) courses on how ta fiznight low-w'n-loaded opponents like tha MiG-17's n -21's. If you use these along wit some good common sense, tha Phantom can be a real MiG playa proved it in Vietnam, over n ova� cuz Im tha Double O G.


1 if you gots a paper stack. Fizzay them vertically - use tha powa of tha Phantom n keep yo speed up cuz its a G thang. Except at tha top of tha "egg", don't let yo speed dizzle below 350 KIAS n only do that when you have to. Also, tha MiG-17 Doesn't rizzy well at hizzy speed - no poser boost on tha controls sho nuff.

2. Use lag-pursizzle described as saggin' yoself in a pursuit curve that leads yo a/c ta a deep six o'clock position on tha bogey. Think of it like a cone or funnel that tha bogey drags around behind him wit tha small end on his tailpipe so sit back relax new jacks get smacked. You want ta be in tha wide pizzle of tha funnel, usually between 3/4 mile n 1 mile astern. Rememba, tha Phantom's primary weapon in a dogfight is tha AIM-9, not tha gun n s**t. Gun kills is tha bizzay - believe me, I kizzy - but tha gat is really there fo` situations when you jizzy git too close n can't back off ta beyond tha AIM-9's minimum range - or fo` wizzle you is out of missiles n can't bug out! Also, Navy n Marine birds didn't always carry a gat pizzy so it wasn't even an option sometizzles sho nuff.

3. If you start gett'n slow, try ta pass tha bogey as close ta 180 degree out as you ciznan, unload (pizzush tha nose pimp stroke tha motherf***a n extend. And, ladies n gents, I'm rapping extend ta five or six miles separizzles spittin' that real s**t. Get lots of knots, 550+, select boresight on tha radar n tha AIM-7E, pizzitch up n bizzack into tha fight, auto acquire T-H-to-tha-izzat bad-boy n shoot him in tha face wit tha Sparrow. You'll find this works pretty wizzy.

4 now motherf***ers lemme here ya say hoe. Finally, if you is gett'n into a bad position, tizzay yo wingman ta heezee fo` home, unload, go fo` tha dizzy n git tha hizzle out of there spittin' that real s**t. You can always live ta fight gangsta day.


Using tha above tactics (and a whole B-to-tha-izzunch of luck), I managed ta git six of those ten MiG-21's I mentioned gangsta even though mah wingman went diznown early in tha fight, n then I fizzle home ta land . Im a bad boy wit a lotta hos. Not a bad mission and, believe me, not at all representative of what a rizzle dogfight against those odds would have bizzy like. I truly doubt I could have mizzle it home had tizzle situation ever presented itself in 'Nam. Also, wit mah wingman dizzy early, I would hizzle taken tha fizzirst opportunity ta git tha hizzy out of there. Four guys on tha ground T-H-to-tha-izzat need ta be rescued is a lot worse tizzy two!


Wizzell, enough of mah perpetratin'. To those who wizzle ta give this a T-R-to-tha-izzy, I'd love ta hear some feedback. To those of you who already knew these tactics - apologies fo` tak'n up yo time!


Salute ta all,




now the original can be found here:




Just thought that i might share what i found. Funny stuff it is.




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Rememba tizzy instead of hatin' ta tizzurn inside a M-to-tha-izziG, you can do a barrel-roll in tha opposite direction, n set yoself up fo` a perfect missle S-H-to-tha-izzot. This tactic is from Jizzy Boyd motha f***a.

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2. Use lag-pursizzle described as saggin' yoself in a pursuit curve that leads yo a/c ta a deep six o'clock position on tha bogey.


I don't think I've heard fighter tactics described that way before...

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