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  1. F-105D Hill AFB Skins

  2. Mirage Factory F-4G

  3. Ramstein AFB Viper

  4. I was inspired by this thread and thought I'd take to air as a new 2LT with the 67th TFS flying F-15s over Dhimar. Got sidetracked by some heavy bombers. Launched an AIM-7 at one, killed it, lined up for a gun pass on a second one and then exploded. Nasty heater from the rear. After I cycle through some more single missions, I'll gear up for another deployment.
  5. 1/144 F-4 Phantom information

    Dont know how many people are doing 1/144 kits, but from building F-4s in this scale since a young child, I have put the following together. In the realm of 1/144 F-4s, there isn’t a whole lot to choose from. There is the really old Otaki F-4B, which I think Arii reboxed early on. The kit in itself looks like an F-4. There aren’t many options for it however. 4 very skinny AIM-7s are provided. The canopy while it fits, isn’t the most accurate representation either. For the longest time, if you were looking for a short nose F-4B, this was the only game in town. I am aware of only one decal option ever being produced with this kit, a very basic VF-102 Diamondback. I want to say that Crown produced the next F-4, an E model. This kit generally looks ok, but it has a strange hump. Im not sure if its because the way the canopy comes up and meet the spine, and then meets the tail. Not inherently bad, just looks odd. Anyway, this kit comes with 3 bags of gas, sidewinders and sparrows. The current Minicraft offering is this kit.. Then there is the LS kit. A generally all around good looking kit. Its been reboxed by Lee Models, Aoshima, Heller, Arii, and AMT. Included in this kit are 2 bags of gas (no centerline), and two AIM-7s. LS did produce several 1/144 weapons kits, but they are getting ever increasingly hard to find. Ahhh, the Academy F-4E. This is the one you can find online for under $5 and at hobby lobby’s all over discounted for $2. Essentially the same kit as the LS. It has the same breakdown, same weapons, same gas tanks. The only difference I am aware of is the nose profile being a bit more slender, and the gun which has a weird "sugar scoop" profile. I’ve seen. Airfix, Revell and Hobbycraft have reboxed this kit. Again, its very similar to the LS kit. Recently, Platz models has put out some very nice Japanese F-4EJ Kai’s. They also recently released an F-4J that comes in a two pack. These are really nice kits complete with cockpits and pilots. Unfortunately, there are only wing tanks, no centerline. They provide the sidewinder rails as well, but no missiles. Below is a list of decal options I have personally seen. I know there are more out there. Minicraft: HO, Iceland ADC, JV, RAAF Heller: MI ANG Hobbycraft: OT, FC, UK Academy: FC, JV Revell: CR Airfix: RAAF Lee Models: OS LS: OS Arii: OS AMT: PN Otaki: VF-102 Platz: VF-84, VF-114, VMFA-451 Ok, so you’ve gathered up a squadrons worth of Academy F-4s from several arts and crafts stores in your town for under $20. You are not going to want to make 12 clones of the same bird. Luckily there are some decal options out there. Recently, there is a Vietnam Phantom decal sheet which is the downscale of a similar 1/72 sheet. You can find it on ebay. It comes with F-4C, D, E and RF along with a VF-111 option. Oh no! My historical correctness compulsiveness disease doesn’t allow me to simply apply short nose markings on a long nose kit! I’ve run into this problem, and contemplated grafting on a 1/72 F/A-18 fuel tank on the nose as someone else had. Used google to its maximum potential and ran across Liliput Air Force. http://www1.odn.ne.jp/citropen-cafe/liliput/index-e.html This guy makes resin parts for F-4s. I ordered a few of the RF-4 noses and short nose F-4 parts. He also sells centerline tanks and pods. The resin parts themselves are real nice. The short nose kits come with it ready for a J/S model, and have two different bulges you can attach to make a C or D (B or N I assume as well). While I havent used a short nose kit yet, the RF-4 nose seems to be designed for the LS kit. I have used it on an Academy kit, and its a few MM wider than the remaining nose section. A little bit of filler and sanding should fix it though. In addition to the F-4 parts, for sale are RF-8 conversion pieces, and a whole swath of decals. I am looking forward to using the 466th TFS F-105 decals. If you have any questions regarding 1/144th decals, I’ve been doing a whole lot of searching and would be happy to let you in on my findings.
  6. Buckleheads Paint Shop

    Since finding work in the IT field, my addiction for computer based flight sims have gone down with the ever intense retina burn out gazing into monitors for countless hours a day. Getting married, moving out of moms basement, and moving into an apartment has made 1/144 the scale of choice currently. With a house purchase in the works, the 1/72 fleets may return. Until then, the 1/144 apartment scale grows. Completed these two earlier this month. CR is the old revell kit. ZF is the Lee models variant, which is very close if not identical to the old LS kit. About the F-4 kits in 1/144, there arent a whole lot of options even with almost half a dozen manufacturers and boxes. I have a few built and will get pictures up soon of the Phantom collection. On the bench in various forms of completion are Platz A-4E, Dragon A-6E, Academy F-4E (which has recently gotten a resin RF-4 nose job, an Arii F-4B, Arii F-100D, Dragon F-16C, Lee Models F-20 and Lee Models F-15A.
  7. Cocas, it looks awesome. Air dominance is mine.
  8. I would consider purchasing this thing for the community if we are able legally to use it for the game, and it can be imported properly into SF2. https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/aircraft/military/f-106
  9. For a long time I used the logitech xtreme 3d. They were excellent right out of the box, but after a while they would start driftying. Long story short, I went through 3 of them before decididng enough is enough and bought a CH HOTAS set up. For what you get for the price, its excellent. Only gripe is that there is very little resistance to the flight stick.
  10. I've got the itch to actually make something happen this month, and I'm looking at making some 123rd FIS low vis markings for the F-4C. The skin exists, so does the squadron ini, but the markings don't due to the guard using different serial number markings. That being the case, when I do proceed with this, what is the best way for making the decals? I have some decal sheets from model airplanes, is it legal to scan those in, and place them in game or do I need to draw them on photoshop and do it that way? Thanks, Bucklehead
  11. I've got back from months in that hellhole they call Ft. Benning, back to my electronic kingdom with decent internet. Booted up SF2 and played around for days, logging hours in the F-102 and F-106. I cant believe how much I missed it. Flying the Six is awesome, and I enjoy it very much. The skins are amazing, but the cockpit seems to have been ignored. I have photoshop and I've looked around in the Knowledge section, but haven't run into any guide for updating/repainting cockpits. I've had several attempts at "repainting" it and to be quite honest, they look like sh!t. It's been limited to masking off gauges and trying to darken them, and add texture and weathering around the instruments and scopes. All attempts look like real amateur work compared to other masterpieces out there. Could someone point me in the right direction? Right now, I've got two lines of thinking. One is to find some pictures on the internet and try to copy and paste them into it. The other is to open up Razbams F-102 pit and start clone stamping the hell out it (but wouldn't be able to upload and share). My main gripe is the low rez bolts in the canopy frame, but when I open it up in ps, they look fine. Repainting them hasn't done anything but make it stand out, crappily compared to the rest of it. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. My Saitek X52 just arived

    Sierra Hotel! If and when my CH set up goes, I think I'll give saitek a try. It was a tough decision since I've heard so many good things about them.

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