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  1. Mig-17F Cockpit

  2. The Hurt Locker

    The Hurt Locker. Best film of the year.
  3. The AI in First Eagles and Wings Over Israel are extremely aggressive and will attack you. The other games (SF, WOV, WOE) have never had AI that was overly aggressive, but that should change when they are upgraded to the same standard as the more recent versions. In the mean time, you have a chance to practice bombing before things get hot.
  4. Video card comparison

    I have often suspected that the CPU is the bottleneck for WOV, WOE and WOI because of the simluation of radar. These games have a lot of radar systems, in the planes and SAM sites. Are they all "tracking" each other? In other words, does the AI activity depend upon what is "on" the AI radar? That would be a huge drain on the CPU. First Eagles has no radar--and no slowdowns. But I'm not sure about this, it's just a theory.
  5. Video card comparison

    Go here: http://us.blizzard.com/support/article.xml...&rhtml=true and scroll down to the part that says "Steps to identify your video card and driver version" and follow the instructions. I hope this helps!
  6. Video card comparison

    I went from ATI to Nvidia and if I'd paid a lot for the Nvidia card I'd be unhappy. The image quality of the Radeons is just so much better. I know this is a controversial topic-- but a word to the wise...
  7. Anyone up for new menu screens?

    I have been waiting for these screens with great anticipation. They look excellent!
  8. Out of Idaho in 6 weeks!

    The Museum of Flight in Seattle is worth a visit and not too hard to find. Parking isn't bad, either. http://www.museumofflight.org/Portal.asp?Flash=True
  9. Out of Idaho in 6 weeks!

    Going to Alaska from San Francisco? There are about a million cool things along that route. Too many to see in one trip (or lifetime). That is a long, long ride over some difficult road (up north). But the scenery is one of the most spectacular in the world. The Rocky Mountians run into the sea in British Columbia. The fjords are like Norway. The mountains are like the Alps. Don't miss the sea lions at Fisherman's Warf in San Francisco. Kids would love that. The sea lions just lay there on the dock and get in the way. They're wild animals but they know they're safe. Hey--it's California! Have fun.
  10. gizoogle.com

    Rememba tizzy instead of hatin' ta tizzurn inside a M-to-tha-izziG, you can do a barrel-roll in tha opposite direction, n set yoself up fo` a perfect missle S-H-to-tha-izzot. This tactic is from Jizzy Boyd motha f***a.
  11. I had a problem with the game being very dark. On my old Radeon I could adjust the gamma setting for individual games, but not with my new Nvidia card. So I found this very useful little freeware utility that adjusts gamma settings. It's nothing fancy, but it allows you to change the gamma setting with two mouse clicks, then run the game, then restore the old gamma setting after you shut down the game. You can do the same thing with the Nvidia control panel, but this is simpler and easier. http://www.majorgeeks.com/Gamma_Panel_d2796.html It works with XP -- don't know about Vista. Just thought I would pass this along in case anybody wants it. :yes:
  12. Wartime London: "The black-out was so complete that it was often necessary to carry a small torch on dark nights when there was no moon and it was cloudy. You couldn’t see where the pavement was at street corners." BBC
  13. Version


    This is an attempt to improve the Wings Over Israel mainscreen without changing it too much. All that you need to do is put this Mainscreen.bmp file in your menu folder. That's all. I believe that it looks a bit better.
  14. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...ode=sst&id=6063 File Name: Wings Over Israel Improved Mainscreen File Submitter: hillybilly File Submitted: 20 Feb 2008 File Category: Hanger/Menu/Loadout File Version: Ver 1.0 Website: No Information This is an attempt to improve the Wings Over Israel mainscreen without changing it too much. All that you need to do is put this Mainscreen.bmp file in your menu folder. That's all. I believe that it looks a bit better. Click here to download this file
  15. How I can make a new plane?

    Start here: http://www.turbosquid.com/

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