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Arab WOI campaign MiG-21 problem

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I made a small mod to fly arab campaigns in WOI, for a challenge.

Problem is, the MiG-21s always get a ground attack mission first, no matter wether in 1967 or 1973.

I thought this was campaign specific, but it seems it is plane specific, as with MiG-17s I get intercepts first, even if I configured them largely to be ground attacking units.

I couldn't find anything in the data.ini files which point to the problem, so any ideas?

After the first mission everything works fine, though

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You can try to edit these


MissionChance[sWEEP]=90 - These entries define the likelihood of the unit flying these types of missions.











Try this link too.



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Ok then it has something to do with the beginning of the campaigndata.ini.....look in that tutorial it explain what those values mean. I think you may have to adjust it from there.

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In the specific aircraft data ini remove strike from primary and secondary roles.

I know its a little extreme but its a solution.

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