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Mig-19S Cockpit (Twin-Engine Fighter)

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Mig-19S Cockpit (Twin-Engine Fighter)

A Cockpit mod of the Thirdwire Scooter's cockpit, to create the North Viet Nam-modified Mig-19S cockpit for use in the stock Thirdwire Mig-19S cockpit (or any other non-radar Mig-19).


Referenced from multiple color photos, and cockpit layout diagrams.


Instruments and placards moved, eliminated, repainted and painted from scratch.


Individual instruments in Russian as they were historically.


The Mig-19S was the Soviet Union's first supersonic fighter. It flew combat and reportedly got kills in the Viet Nam war, the Arab-Israeli wars and the Indo-Pakistani wars.


The Mig-19S could easily outclimb the F-4 Phantom at 35,435 ft/min vs the F-4s 28,500 ft/min.* It also could out-accelerate the F-4 up to 465 knots.**


Top gun training showed that when flying the Mig-19/21, you can often go pure vertical at the merge and often defeat the F-4....or just outturn the F-4 in the deep stall buffet with flaps down if the F-4 tries to turn slowly too.***




1. The exhaust gas temperature gauge (EGT) has the twin-engine version with two red circles in it.


2. The gunsight is changed to the square ASP 5N gunsight with a square crash pad.


3. The Russians added a distinctive six-light warning panel.


4. The Mig-19 added three ammo counters between the pilot's legs.


5. A large red and yellow landing gear handle was added.


6. Toggle switches finally replaced the buttons on the master panel switch on the right cockpit side panel.


7. Tens of other features including different instruments, instrument additions and switch changes.




*Thanks to Charles for permission to use some gauges from the Meteor (Fuel gage and graphics).


*Thanks to Lexx_Luthor for massive help on relocating instruments.


*Thanks to The Trooper for the photos and coding on making the ADI (artificial horizon work upside down...no mean feat!)


*Thanks to Thirdwire and TK for their sim and some instruments.


Complete credits and history in readme.




1-Backup your files!


2.Add contents to the Mig-19S aircraft file.


3-When prompted, overwrite the files.


More detailed instructions are included within.


Just ask at the combatace forum if you have problems.





*"The Illustrated Book of Fighters", Spick. pp.292 and 252.

**"Fast Movers" Sherwood. p 26.

***"Scream of Eagles", Wilcox. pp.21-22.


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