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Gull Grey A-6 Intruder Skin for Third-Wire model V1.1

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Gull Grey A-6 Intruder Skin for Third-Wire model V1.1

Gull Grey A-6 Intruder Skin for Third-Wire model V1.1


Update by Gerwin 6-4-2008..2-5-2008



I noticed the Navy Aircraft skins in WOV have been skinned

quite consistend in color and style

...except for the A-6A that is.

This skin seems to be a more blue-ish grey and the weathering

is rather thick and black.


I tried to overhaul the original existing skin to better fit

between the other aircraft:

The Base colors are now exactly the same as the F-8 and A-7.

The weathering was toned down and various details have been

adjusted. Also I replaced the style of the nose cone and the

fuselage air-brakes. On itself the white and yellow nose cones

and the white/grey airbrakes represent real-life appearance,

yet I do not know in which squadrons and in what

combination they actually appeared.

This skin does not include custom decals.



In version 1.1 I weathered the skin in a way that is

consistent with the other navy aircraft. The insides of the

jet intakes have been recolored. The grey/white transitions have

been slightly relocated. The white bottom is lighter now.

The red color under the flaps does not shine trough so much now.



Copy the included folder with contents to the folder that contains

the A-6 files, for example:


When in the game select the skin in the loadout screen.


If you prefer the white nose cone you have to rename:

A-6_Texture5.bmp to A-6_Texture5_yellownose.bmp

A-6_Texture5_whitenose.bmp to A-6_Texture5.bmp



Third Wire for the Strike Fighters Based Games

JSF_Aggie for the recolored nose cone parts


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