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They are Dev A-Team birds, and are availble at Capun's site. Don't forget, you have to register first.


BTW, the NF13/14 aren't finished -- they're to be considered betas still. I have the both, and kinda stopped working on them a while back. (meaning I never finisehd the decals for the RAF NF.13; the IDF NF.14 is basically done, but needs some model tweeking of the lod -- big divot on the nose, but other than that....)





There are various versions of the F.3, F.8 (EAF and IDF) available ... if one knows where to look :wink:

(actually, the IDF F.8 never got released; since it was only an ini edit to create the 'country specific' version, using Gramp's IDF skin - which I've since repainted, cleaned up and fiddled with, and redecaled.)


Also, you might want to have a peak in the Knowledge Base ... I've resurrected the "Big List" thread that has (well, mostly up-to-date) listings of what's availabe for aircraft, ground objects/ships, terrains and etc. Worth a look.



kevin stein

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