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Any ground unit armour mods?

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Just wondering if I'm the only one who finds destroying stock ground targets way too easy. I mean tanks cracking with one rocket hit, ships sinking after a short 20-mm burst... Cargo ship getting knocked out by a Sidewinder.

Are there any mods strengthening ground objects?

Or do I have to do it myself :biggrin: ? Fiddled with WoI Tanker a bit. Doubled both stucture points and all armour. The resulting beast could endure beating from a single A-4E from both 2 20mm cannon and 2 vulcan gun pods. Spent all ammo so I had to finish it off with rockets. In another test the ship would hold together after several hits with 250lb bombs - only 6 of them put the tanker to rest.

Clusters still work like a charm. And I think something like 1000lb could work too...


Unfortunately this doesn't affect ships in ports spawned like parked planes. The blow up after a single rocket and just remain there without sinking.

So I'm thinking about boosting armour figures for all ground units. But I'd like to know what figures to aim for - some data mostly on cannon efficiency would be very useful. :yes:

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That's what I did to the tanker. I just don't know when to find something like hit/penetration ratio for various guns agains different types of armour.

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I did that for the Abrams for the DS mod ... the armor values were WAAAAY to low. Now it takes at least 3 direct hits from a T-72 to knock it out.


Yes, they are simple data ini edits. Figuring out HOW much to add is hard part! Ships, like the tanker, should be pretty resistant to small arms/little bombs. Being so internally compartmentalized, they should be fairly resistant to damage (excepting the Exxon Valdez...) The cargoship and Liberty, maybe not so much. Destroyers/Firgates/P-Boats should also be minimal


(I remember the line from 'Bedford Incident' .. "We're mostly aluminum above the waterlines, so having a doctor isn't that important", or something like that)


For example, in Real Life , the Israeli attack on the US Intell ship -cant remember the name right off- rockets, cannons, etc, and she didn't sink. Albeit, many casualities amongst the crew, but the ship didn't go down.


They all could use a little upgrade, methinks!



kevin stein

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