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Siberian Sky -- moving warm front for strategic air warfare

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Siberian Sky -- moving warm front for strategic air warfare

This is purely experimental, rather deep, and is a first attempt at roughly modelling a moving warm front.


This project is off the deep end and assumes success in setting up the cirrus mod here ~> http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...p;showfile=6567


The different types of clouds almost cover a standard size 1000km map. I try to have the clouds evolve to the storm area in the following manner...


Cirrus in clear skies.

Cirrocumulus in clear skies.

Cirrostratus filling out the sky.

High altostratus covering the sky.

Low altostratus covering the sky.

Low large puffy dark clouds in the storm area (I call it "stratus" but its not really stratus).

Rapid clearing behind the front (assume fast cold front).


For "stratus" and altostratus, I use the Smoke3 and Smoke4 tga files which are NOT in the ThirdWire sims. They can be found in older Bunyap Weapons packs.



I hopefully will be discussing ideas about this at the ThirdWire thread here, probably starting page 7...

~> http://bbs.thirdwire.com/phpBB/viewtopic.p...e1544904e1856b4


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I am always deeply impressed with the level of tinkering you manage with this game engine and with your experimentation into some really "deep" aspects to the game. That you it do and share with us is greatly appreciated!

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Unlike the ground combat sims, the air combat sims have never tried to model the immersive-for-customers combat environment, even at the rough level here.


Below is what the storm looks like overall. I took the free camera up to 1000km and looked down. The circle is the terrain, small in size because its 250km radius (250km horizon distance). This is about 1000km across. Storms on this scale are not square shaped, but often spirals. This is a first approximation and you don't notice the overall square shape when at flying altitudes. Cyclone shapes are maybe for the future.



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