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DCS: Black Shark Dev Updates - 16 May 2008


Since the last update, not much has scientifically changed from a new task point of view. This is primarily because we are in feature freeze and are focused on content iteration and debugging. Most of the work on DCS: Black Shark (now on build 46) has been focusing on the following areas:


1- Campaign generation

2- Training mission generation

3- Bug testing with a focus on multiplayer (lots of work to still do)

4- Editing and tweaking of Ka-50 the flight manual (currently 533 pages)

5- Writing of the DCS GUI manual (will be around 200 pages when complete)

6- FPS and RAM usage testing

7- General bug fixing (yes, there are still quite a few)


While we realize that many would just wish for us to release it now (particularly after some of the recent videos), we simply cannot do that given all the items listed above. It's too easy to release a buggy and incomplete product when being pressured by consumers and publishers to "just release it". Please be patient. Given that this will be our first self-published product, we want to do it right.


With the creation of larger missions in a near-complete mission environment, we are also now tuning and adjusting the simulation for increased frame rates and minimize RAM usage. Mostly given the 6 DOF cockpit, the higher population density or ground objects (buildings, trees, etc.) and the higher elevation mesh detail, DCS will require more system resources to run smoothly. However, we are taking steps to minimize this as much as possible. When complete, we should have a good idea of minimum and recommended system specs that will be realistic and not low-balled.


The GUI is just about done with the integration of the Options screen that allows you to set up separate Input options configurations for multiple types of aircraft. So, as we start to add more aircraft to DCS, each aircraft can have its own unique of input command profiles (keys, axis, etc.). Personally, I do all input controller programming now within the DCS Options GUI and I no longer use external profile programs (although that is still an option).


Select members of the Sim-Mod team are still working on some terrain enhancements and we hope to have final versions of the Spring and Fall textures soon. Additionally we hope to be updating additional airbase before release. Once complete we can integrate into the DCS code base.


The Mission Editor is just about final and just being debugged now. Two nice additions added near the end was the ability to set rules and actions for not just groups but each individual unit within a group and the ability to assign a mobile area trigger that is attached to a moving unit/group. Also, when creating multiplayer missions, each side will now have their own unique text and image briefings. Also, each side can be assigned unique goals. While this will not be a significant feature for Black Shark, which will likely focus on cooperative missions, this will be a welcome feature as we add additional aircraft to the DCS mix.


As for what happens after Black Shark, the team has several aircraft modules currently in development (this could include development of 6 DOF cockpits, avionics or flight dynamics). While the A-10A Suite 2 module will still likely follow the Black Shark, the following aircraft are also now planned for DCS in development at one stage or another:


1- A-10A Suite 2 (latest version of A-10A in active use)

2- A-10C Suite 3 (we now have permission from the USAF to develop an entertainment version of the simulation we developed for them. We are very happy and excited about this).

3- AH-64A Blk. 49A

4- Su-27

5- F-15C

6- Mi-24V

7- F-16C

8- MiG-29A


Naturally, release of aircraft like the Su-27 and F-15C would coincide with integration of advanced flight model for missiles, advanced seeker logic and advanced air-to-air radar logic and modeling.


Attached a few very early images of the 6 DOF cockpits for the Flanker and Eagle.


The actual order of release is still up in the air. For all of these aircraft, we now have all the needed data to model them properly to DCS standards (very important a big factor of what does and does not go into DCS as a flyable). It is important to remember that all of these aircraft will be modeled to the same level of detail as the Black Shark in DCS. As I hope many of you realize after reading and seeing more about Black Shark, this will be a daunting task but will provide the most comprehensive and realistic simulation of flying these aircraft within a combat environment on the PC.




SOURCE: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=422862&postcount=1



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Argh! The wait is killing me!


However, it looks like no Su-25 in DCS anytime soon, so I guess we'll all be hanging onto LOMAC for quite some time!

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Today we have uploaded DCS: Black Shark Producer’s Note #5. This note is focused on the I-251 Shkval sensor system. Tomorrow we plan to make the high resolution video available from our web site. In the meantime, we wanted to try something different and share this version with you now on You Tube such that everyone can access it easily and not run into download frustration tomorrow.


Source: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=30383






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