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adding other terrrains in yap

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I'm trying to add the Brain 32/CA Stary new tilesets-green hell mod in yap to have 2 different terrains


(CA Stary be my guide for it ,just to give him credits)


I've extracted a fresh VietnamSEA terrain from the game (installed just for it in another folder just to take the derrain and delete it to have only yap working for the SEA warfare)


then I've renamed folder Vietnam GH


rename the ini's Vietnam GH.ini





TerrainFullName=Vietnam GH



















than I've installed the Brain 32 tileset


last the CA Stary Green Hell mod


Launch the game


-New terrain appears


I can choose between Vietnam and Vietnam GH


Select it


launch a single player game


set plane and loadout




At 60% of loading it crash to desktop


tried to extract all from the VietnamSEA.cat and rename

-Same results


if I rename it VietnamSEA and temporary disable the Yap terrain

It works


where is the error?

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In the old days, when we had to have the cat physically in the terrain folder, it had to match exactly the name of ini (and the terrain folder), as do the TFD and HFD files


You could try renamining them all to match (expecially the TFD & HFD). I did this for the 'winter thaw' version of ANW, and it worked perfectly.



rename TFD & HFD to VietnamSEAGH.TFD and VietnamSEAGH.HFD should do something good...and I wouldn't worry about having the cat in the folder, just use the standard pointer line in the Vietnam GH ini


Remember, folder and files can be named anything you want, as long as they all match.


Try that, an let us know it that worked!



kevin stein

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mmm it continue to crash! :dntknw:


try the folder and filenames without the space, maybe thats whats messing it up. :dntknw:


edit: wait you tried that already?!

Edited by pureblue

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the error was that a YAP VietnamSEA.cat must be patched before the mod install (YAP)

I was using a fresh unpatched .cat now I've extract all from the patched,rename folder and everything VIETNAMGH including VIETNAMGH.HFD & VIETNAMGH.TFD icluding a blank briefings.ini and everything works good!

Thanks Kevin! :biggrin:

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