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F-4E Phantom II, Hellenic Air Force

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F-4E Phantom II, Hellenic Air Force

F-4E Phantom II, Hellenic Air Force Mod


A Stand-Alone aircraft for SF/WoV/WoE/WoI


This package will create a complete, 'nation specific' aircraft; the F-4E Phantom II as used by the Hellenic Air Force. This is a stock, standard or garden variety Rhino, and NOT the AUP version currently flying with the HAF (see Notes below for my begging!)


This is a completion of a pack started by Sundowner, and he supplied me with the Hi-Rez Agean Blue skin, and a bunch of inis, along with the Agean Blue camo 370 gallon drop tanks -- you WILL be adding these, so get your Weapons Editor warmed up!!


The other skin, also by Sundowner, is the USAF SEA 3-tone; this is the paint scheme used as first delivered. It is set as the 2nd skin in the list, even though historically it should be first.


-- NOTE: these are HI-REZ skins; 2048x2048. For those with older, slower machines or those with smaller vid cards, you might want to resize the skin bmps down one step to 1024x1024. You =WILL= loose some detail, but it's a trade off you sometimes must make. --


All I've basically done, is some ini tweeks for loadouts and some extreamly small changes. I also remade the serial number decals, as I couldn't exactly match Ant's font, extending the numbers out to a total of 24. They ARE correct serials as issued to these Phantoms, but I cannot claim 100% historical accuracy as to which squadron had which number set. Also, out of sheer laziness, both skin sets use the same decals - why waste good decals? That's my motto!!! :)


A new Hangar screen is included, based of Ant's original; this one's for SF/WoV/WoE. There's also a WoI style one, called "woi_F4E_HAF_Hangar.bmp". So, you can choose, depending on your game, which to use.


It is set up to use either of the weapons paks; the Bunyap Pak or Mirage Factory, or even NONE at all!!! As it is a complete aircraft, it should also be usable in WoI, I've tested it in ALL iterations of the game, it works just fine. In fact, I like the newer 'jetengine' sound in WoI better than the SF/WoV/WoE version!!


I'd like to thank Sundowner for trusting me to complete and release this package. Ant gets 98.6% of the credit; the remainder is mine! After all, he DID all the hard work with the skin; and I gotta tell ya, the detailing on it is superb; as we've come to expect.


PLEASE read the enclosed readme for more, detailed instructions. Of course, there's the usual noise in the Notes section.





kevin stein


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Thanks Wrench, looks crisp and mean ;)

Can I get the anti-collision strips to glow at night? Turn-on and off with the lights.. or is it something to fix from the skin, there are a few planes that need this.

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