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I want to share with all of you

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Pordenone,Italy june 6 2008


Ladies and Gentleman,

In the name of the friendship grew in this forum I want to share it with all of you.

You are with me everyday,and give me a great time anytime I get in this site,you are my band of bros.


Today is the day


weeks ago, I'll met a special person,I think the Big One

I was in a tunnel and she gave me the light,I've found and pass the exit


Now I'm in the light.

I don't want to bore anyone of you with particulars,we proved an immese feeling,never felt before


I don't want to call it love,it's earlier,but is a thing that I want on my side Time will be the judge to keep us in the right places.

Problem is that she is together with another and she's scared to share the feelings

I'm not ashamed to say it.

She put an horrible silence between us to stop it.

In this silence the power generate from our collision grew day by day in me,I've checked everything,learned my errors from the past

Now I'm ready for the exam,for the first time in my life I've studied


In this particular day,is raining,this eve I'll meet her I don't know if she expects it or not


In this day I put a hand on a shoulder of every single man of the armies inside of me

to every commander,to every private

I hear 'em singing all the voices turn to one voice


At work this day seem never ending


Today is the longest day

My objective is destoying and free her form that silence to let her see the dawn


I feel what mens,honourable mens felt 60 years ago

The fears,the risk,the strenght,the determination...their voices


For me this day is Overlord.



Thanks to all of You


Sincerely yours


Pvt.-Senior Member-


Massimo "X-Ray" Pilot

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Love makes world go around - not money.

Go for it X Ray :yes:


if I'm in your "skin" I wouldn't share anything to this bunch of gangsta' - forum members :yes:

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