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Wright Flyer Simulation Available!

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The newly designed site just got up and running with ordering info and product info! Visit here: www.mywrightexperience.com


There are about 100 CDs made up in-home and ready to ship and more can be made up "on-demand". The software itself is "gold" and the box packaging is final as well. The only difference is that the in-house ones have a laser-printed quick-start quide and the CD label is ink-jet (direct application, not a sticker label), as opposed to having the high-end print quality from a pro print shop for the CD and quick-start guide. The time-frame to receive the quality printed CDs and booklets from the printer is about two weeks. So you can either order now if you wish and get the in-house CD and play the sim before anyone else, or wait for the retail version! I went ahead and ordered now and got next day delivery. :D Can't wait!


There are also some new screen shots at the site, so check it out!

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Just got the copy this morning! The install went smoothly, and the options are staight foward and simple. The menu music is from the time period and really puts you there, as do the backgrounds and loading screens.


Loaded up the 1903 Glider as I decided to take one at a time. Very nice model! And I like the authentic people of the time period holding your Glider ready to launch at your command. Gliding is super fun!!! Brings back the early days of flight alright... Really must use ground effect to your advantage and watch for the wind speed and direction.


Next I went to the Wright Flyer 1903. Wow is that one tricky! Very twitchy yet not that responsive depending on speed and wind... Takes a handful to keep her in the air and straight, just as it should! Again very impreesed with the model and terrain. Love the background sounds of the wind and beach water aswell.


The Model B is just plain fun to sight-see around in. Very steady aircraft with little power and difficult vertial to sustain. Again impressed with the model! The details are nicely done and the wing warping is fun to watch on all aircraft. The only thing I think that's missing is the wheels dont actually rotate, but that's easy to look past.


All of the terrains are pretty detailed down low, with houses, trees, and other such historic and random buildings. Great sense of being there. Great looking from a bit higher up too! The Thirdwire engine does terrain well in my opinion and it really shines here in First Flight.


The game runs well on my system, and I haven't experienced any crashes, major glitches or bugs. But I've only been playing for a few hours here. ;)

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Man I'm having fun with this! You can change the wind setting in mid-flight just to see how different aircraft behave under different conditions. I managed to set the wind setting up to 10 (Which is like 25 mph of wind) and have my glider launch, do a 180 turn and glide down the wrong side of the mountian! (Of course I side-slipped most of the way) The glider doesnt go anywhere with no wind... I've even landed the glider with hardly any wind and right when I touched down, bump the wind setting to max and took off again! And sometimes even go backwards! (Very unstable and hard to do)


The Wright Flyer is one tough motha... Very twitchy in the vertical. Once you loose it, your done for... Wind helps this one right along, but becareful not to use too much! You will loose control quickly


I havent explored into the damage model too much. Seems to resemble FS2004 in that if you smack into the ground too hard, the sim gives you a message saying you crashed. I have rammed a house and watched my kite go to pieces however! Almost fell outta the chair on that one! I wish each part was individually modeled like SDOE, but the Thirdwire engine does not have this kind of inertia and physics modeling... The only real drawback I see. :) The flight model is very good however, best I've seen. Believe it or not, the FS2004 Wright Flyer behaves much like the First Flight flight mode. So MS apparently did some research on their own! I do like the First Flight one better tho. Gives more of a "you're really flying" feel. :D

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