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CAS targets in random single missions...

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Does anyone know how they're chosen?


Based on some experimenting I did, missions played during the default years for the game 60's, 70's, 80's always default to either a T-55, T-62, or T-72 (seems to be the stock CAS targets). After that (90's and later) with the infantry pack installed, I get lot's of infantry units during CAS missions. Does anyone know how the game decides what units to use as targets during CAS missions? The infantry units all have service start dates in the 50's and 60's, so they could be showing up earlier. For some reason they don't... It'd be nice to get a good mix of tanks and infantry to change things up...



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what are the availabilities for the infantry?I think the stock vehicles are set to Very_Common so will show up often.see if the Infanry is set to Very_Common in the Data.ine that MAY help.also see if extracting the stock data.ini and changing their availabilities helps.

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