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MiG-15 Fagot A mod 1.1 version

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MiG-15 Fagot A mod 1.1 version

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Well, the MiG-15 and MiG-15bis were nearly identical in looks, so I have modded the good ol' Pasko's MiG-15bis into a MiG-15. The Data.ini is strongly based in the new MiG-15bis package from Dave (I love this and the new Sabers).

The differences are:

-Worst airbrakes in MiG-15

-Different guns.

-Different engine

-Mig-15 is heavier than MiG-15bis


I have touched the Data.ini only. Nearly all the credit must be for Pasko and Dave. It's their work!

The external model is the same than MiG-15bis. All the MiG-15bis skins fit in MiG-15.

Good hunting!


Errr....Sorry, but there was an error in the first release, making the MiG-15 lighter than MiG-15bis. This is now corrected.

As a plus, I have included Ordway's MiG-15 cockpit. It's a Must-Have!

Remember: I have done a few changes, but the bulk of the work and all the credit for this plane must be for Pasko, Dave and Ordway!


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BTW I wonder what USAFMTL (Dave) did regarding MiG-15 :biggrin:


The killmark on his USAF aircraft? :haha:

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