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Any designers like rebelryder, etc. take requests?

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I'm just gonna float this one out here, because it's one WOV object that for some reason still hasn't been created...at least not that I know of. Anyway, to any mod designer that take requests, I would like to kindly ask that you consider creating:


Groups of U.S. Soldiers and Vietcong in varying sizes/formations?



x x x x x x x

x x x x x x x

x x x x x x x




x (officer talking to his men) - x is supposed to be in the middle but this forum strips out the spaces

x x x x x x






It would also be cool if there was more airfield "junk" objects like stacks of cargo/boxes on pallets and clusters of 50-gallon barrels, a cargo truck, etc.

Then we could place these around the airfields to make them come alive.


Well, thanks for reading and for any potential consideration.

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So, safe to say you don't have Kesselbrut's Infantry Paks??? They should be here some where at CA....check the "Non-Aircraft Object Mods" downloads section, or whatever it's called now.


As to the others, they're stock game objects (oildrum1, oildrum6, oildrum9) and can be see scattered around various and sundry airfields. Same for the truck, albeit more fueling vehicles strategicly placed would be nice. I've tried to do that on several of the map upgrades I've released.

As to the inevitable next question; no they don't drive around. However, that can be accomplished with scripted single missions. Just assign one a buttload of waypoint, and it'll follow them. Creating a continious driving loop...that I don't thing can be done.


A simple matter of placing them via the targets ini...once the X/Y coords are discoverd. (ie: huddata.ini set to Debug=TRUE)



kevin stein

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Thanks Wrench for the idea. Yea, with that Infantry pack though they are all "combat ready" with the bazooka deployed, etc. I was looking for some "relaxed" soldiers (was that even possible in Vietnam?) you might find on an airbase. Also familiar with the fuel truck and oil drums - guess I was looking for more variety on "collections of junk" like pallets stacked with various cargo, actual fuel handlers next to the fuel trucks (that would be cool), etc. Thanks for the suggestion though, other than in YAP, doesn't seem like there are many publicly available options at this time.

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