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I think I found a link of 2 talking heads. At least they have no accent and I can actually understand what they are saying. :ph34r: CL

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jibjab animations :ok:


good choice!!!



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easy...do what I do and ignore the whole thing...then vote based on the number of french fries in a McDonald's happy meal divided by the number of fat people in line at aforementioned McDonald's in New Jersey looking angry...add the number of Tuesdays since your last dental exam and then divide by the cube root of your tire pressure (aft, starboard tire of course)...then assign the following values


- if the solution is an even number (you know, divisible by two) assign that a Republican vote

- if the solution is an odd number (eh...not above) then assign that to the Liberal Party of People You would not trust to watch your own children (also know colloquially as the Democrats)

- if you are uncertain, vote for whatever party Ralph Nader or Ross Perot ran for (it doesnt matter, the US has a two-party system with some odd cousins thrown in for humor)

- if you cannot do math, join the Communists Party (why? first go learn to do math, then ask)

- if you find this offensive, then show me up and dont vote (that will teach us!)



Thank you for your support


Note: I am in no way a "Republican", period (they scare me).

Note 2: aft, starboard side would be the passenger side, rear tire if you are an American...any other country could figure the correct tire without having to read the notes.

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