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"Kill" markings on the Yak-9U

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Hi all


Does someone have the parametres for placing "kill" markings on the left side (below the cockpit) of a Yak-9U fighter.


Much appreciated.




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Moved to the correct Forum, "Mods & Skinning" -- as this isn't a campaign or mission creation question. Let's try and keep the correct things in the correct Forums....




I can take a guess at it, since it just another decal


You'll have to add the 'killmark' decal positions, just like any other decal












Where *** is the next number in sequence


Mind you, I don't know the exact position coords required, but the 1/0 should get you started. That'll probably be too close to center, so you may need to move it forward, closer to the windscreen. The numbers I used were just a quick guess, based on pilot position in the model

Remember: the first number (1.0) is meters FORWARD of center, the second number (0.0) is meters up from center. I don't think there's any kill marks for Red Air, other than those recently released for WoI, showing IDF kills on Arab birds. In which case, you'd need to make 100 new decals.


The infor shown, with the position edits, come from the F-4E. Size (ie: Scale=) may also need adjusting, as this is for the stock kill marks



kevin stein

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