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WIP #4 - Modded Files

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Preparing a Readme, and thought this may be worth posting - who reads Readmes?


Again, I recommend you just install this on a clean install as is, try it out, and then either delete or move mods you have made to either change, or add to the game.


And this is so you know why it may be different, as its probably different to what you are used to, and what to do to change it. There's usually copies provided of the files I use as default, any variations, as well as stock, all clearly named.


A number of files have been modded so it all works (I hope), to enhance gameplay, or provide options, in addition to FMs and campaign files.


Note: The Viewlist.ini and Aircraftobject.ini files will only work for the Oct 2007 EP version of the game.


1) Several files needed for Le Prieur and the Spad 37mm cannon from P10ppy to work. There should be no need to delete or mod these files, but they include changes to Soundlist.ini, extra gun reload sound file and effects file for 37mm gun, various .bmp and .lod files in WEAPONS folder for Le Prieurs.


2) Weapondata.ini and weapondata.dat in OBJECTS/ WEAPONS folder


They work as a pair. So if you want to delete, delete both. If you want to change, change both.


Changed for 37mm canon, Le Prieur Rockets, Rockets (eg Dolphin), some other loadouts for planes.


3) Gundata.ini and gundata.dat in OBJECTS folder


They work as a pair. So if you want to delete, delete both. If you want to change, change both.


Default with install is ammo weight 65%. Theres one (a pair!) that has 70% - the 5% makes a difference. Theres the stock one, 100%.


4) Aircraftobject.ini in OBJECTS folder


Several files: stock, hard, very hard, explained in the AI thread.


Default is the Hard one.


Changes the skill level settings of Novice thru to Ace.


Also adds some headshake. Minor amount, taken from WOI, works well in FE.


5) Ground Object files in OBJECTS/ GROUNDOBJECT folder


Balloons tougher.


Tanks available earlier for campaigns.


6) Squadronlist.ini and Missioncontrol.ini in FLIGHT folder


Squadronlist.ini needed for squadrons in campaigns, and is based on Charles comprehensive list of squadrons for his campaigns, so should work with his campaigns too. As he also included stock entries, the stock campaigns should be fine.


Missioncontrol.ini changed with TakeOffTime=10 instead of 0, to delay the AI taking off. They are too quick generally for the player, especially earlier planes.


7) Viewlist.ini in FLIGHT folder


Several options, including original stock.


Default VIEWLIST that is used is modded to include an Extended Flyby thanks to V. Deutschmark, a "Check Six" view (using F5 Shoulder View key), changes to the External View - no longer zooms as you cycle, and stays in last position set. There is also an alternative Viewlist that has wider default view angles - if you find the default ones are somewhat claustrophobic. I prefer this. It includes all above too.


8) RotaryEngine in SOUND folder


This is just a renamed stock engine sound. The planes still use RotaryEngine, and if you have or prefer the A-Teams, copy that over to this folder and overwrite this one. Basically I included this so that its a simple Plug 'n Play, LOL, nothings simple in a game so easily modded.

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I'm just stuned.the amount of effort you have put into this is amazing.thank you very very much.maybe with the new life this will breath into FE,some of us out there will be motivated to finish some of the projects that seemed to have stalled or fall into the abyss.I for one still enjoy this game and with just a little tweek here and there I can see it being enjoyed for years like the Strikefighters series are. :worship:

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