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WW2 Europe by FNG2K & Edward

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WW2 Europe by FNG2K & Edward

Europe WW2 Terrain for SF, WoE & WoV


I couldn't find the original readme, so we'll make due with this....


This is FNG2K and Edward's WW2 Europe terrain, reissued for those that don't have it. It is NOT as released, as I've made some small changes over the years since it's original release, most notably in the area of 'Ground Objects'. I've pulled them out of the terrain folder, and re-created them as GroundObjects. Their main inis have been adjusted, as per Patch 4 to have them show the proper way.


This is the COMPLETE terrain set, with all the various inis, bmps, tgas, and whatnot needed to ALMOST unzip and fly on. You'll be adding various items to several main game folders, so it is MORE THAN HIGHLY RECCOMENDED THAT THIS TERRAIN BE USED IN A "STAND-ALONE" WW2 ETO/SWOTL GAME INSTALL. For information on how to create one, if you don't know already, consult the Knowledge Base at CombatAce.

You'll find that information here: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=19630


Water effects are active, so Vista users take note...more information for you is below in the Install Instructions. See "Notes for Vista Users".


It is HIGHLY reccomended you have Geo's WW2 Ground Object Pak, for the various and sundry trucks, tanks, AFVs, AAA units and etcs. I've included as many as I can positively ID as coming with the original terrain set, as stated above, now turned into GroundObjects. Hopefully, I've filtered out the permissioned ones. If not, I apologize in advance.


NOTE: this terrain is NOT reccomended for use in a WW2 ETO/SWOTL install based on Wings Over Israel. WoI handles prop flight models in a 'most peculiar way', and you'll experience massive frustration in just trying to fly. It is designed, originally, for SF, but works in WoE and WoV, as long as the proper terrain cat is selected. See below for more detailed instructions


= NOTE: You MUST have the Bunyap Weapons & Guns Pak of 6/06 for the proper WW2 weapons and guns!! =

Although, I HAVE included my GunData.ini and GunData.dat files. These have all the proper WW2 guns and such.


Be advised, one of the objects I've added is the Nazi Flag. If you live in a country that prohibits it's exhibition, you may wish to delete the "3RFlag" bits.


PLEASE read the enclosed readme for full, detailed, step-by-step install directions. This complies with MOD Directive of June, 1941 #1058, but is NOT coverd by the Official Secrets Act.


Good Hunting!



ps: the screenie above is entitled "For the Folks On the Ground"

Kevin Stein


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Hi Wrench,


Thanks very much for making this terrain available again, and for your upgrades. Thanks of course to all the people who created/contributed to the original :good::biggrin:


Found the original Read Me lurking in one of my many WW2 installs, which may be of interest and provide a full "credits" list, but please be advised that the installation instructions are out of date and you should follow Wrench's detailed instructions in the readme included with his upload.


Here's the original readme:-




Now, off to try out the upgraded version :biggrin:

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Honestlly, the only upgrades are the flags!!!


I didn't do a whole tweekifacation thingy like I did the 2 PTO maps. I would, at some point, like to go through it and add some docked ships at Portsmuth, Bremen, Roterdam, etc. But that's for another time.


This WILL get us ETO (ok, WW2 Prop-Heads) up and running. Awaiting the dreaded words from the Ops Officer:


"Gentlemen, the Continent is clear"



kevin stein

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