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Just read where MrMudd mentioned using fraps to record missions.


Now, do you NEED fraps to record missions? Isn't there already an in-game recorder?


Or *is* fraps the in-game recorder?


Or is fraps a BETTER recorder than the in-game system?


Help me out, please.



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Guest MrMudd

Lomac has its own Mission recording and playback device


FRAPS is a screen capture device.


the first 2 videos i made, jesus built my hotrod and the Spin/Stall testing, were done as flying and hitiing the assigned hotkey to capture 30 FPS.


The A10 Videos i used the track recorder recorded the whole mission


then i played the mission and recorded segmants of that whole flight.


becasue i have a small hard drive and the size that FRAPS outputs with these captures. I went back and forth from playing a track recording what i needed, then droping that capture into Microsoft moviemaker. making the video, then delete those captures and go on to the next segmant.

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