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Lost My Carriers/Naval Ops Need Some help

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I'm relatively useless when it comes to modding SFP1 and could use some help. I had WOV on my computer for the carrier ops awhile back but due to a crash I lost the install from my online purchase at Thirdwire and now have reverted back to a very old copy of SFP1. I know carriers can be added to SFP and I'd like to know how. Also, I've seen numerous nice looking carriers from YAP and a site called Capun's Skunk Works. Is there a way to purchase or obtain these ships individually? Is there a way to get copies of the carriers from WOV without having to buy the game again? I like the Vietnam/1960's era so I really liked the SCB-125 carriers. All I'd do are carrier ops so I'd rather not have to buy WOV as all I really did with it any way was bounce in the pattern. Any suggestions?


Further, I've tried to add nice looking terrian to SFP1 with no succes. How is this done? I can't remember how I did it in the past. Can I add the high res WOV and WOE terrians that are out there or are these only compatible with their respective games? I liked the high res Vietnam textures and the Jungle addon that went with it in WOV before I lost the game. It really made the game look good. If I could put this in SFP1 that would be great. Also, how does one add the runway upgrade textures available from this site. I can't seem to find the folders to put the files in, any ideas?


Last, what weapons packs and effect updates are recomended? I've seen several large packs but don't know what to add.


Sorry for the dumb questions. I've picked up this game off and on over the years but each time I dust it off I always forget what I learned from the previous time. Thanks in advance.



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Oh, man...that sucks!!


Unfortunately, the SCB-125 Essex's (Essexi???) are only availbe in WoV. As is the Sumner/FRAM and another CV class that escapes me now...


Capun's ships can be gotten by signing up with them at his site...can't remember the URL right off.


YAP's has some superb looking ships (I don't have it, but the screenies DO look impressive); they're payware. You purchase 'packages' of missions that have the needed objects and stuff.. I'm sure 8lein or Zerocinco will be around and can give you more info. They are, however, gearing up for YAP2, and may have put the original stuff 'on ice' for a while. Hopefully, one of them will pop in and give us the real story. I'm just guessing.


Remember,too, with carriers, they ONLY work in scripted, built single missions or campaigns. They won't appear in the in-game generated single missions. I really wish that would/could be fixed someday (this from the King of Rampstrikes....)


As to terrains, you can add any terrain to any version of the game (exepting First Eagles), BUT -and here it comes- if we're talking about stock terrains, you must have the original terrain folder from game it originall came from.

For add-on terrains, there's boatloads available here at CA. Most, if not all, can be used in any version of the game by a simple text edit on the terrains main ini. There are a few exceptions, but hopefully the supplied readmes will give alternatives.


In this case, you'd need the "VietnamSEA" terrain folder from WoV. Once you have that, you can add all the new tiles and stuff pretty easily.

If you haven't archived WoV somewhere, you might be -sorry to say this- SOL. You might have to re-purchase it from 3rd Wire's on-line store.


The runway upgrades, if they're what I'm thinking they are -new bmps and tgas- just get dropped into the terrain folder as loose files. The game engine will put them in their places, so to speak :wink:


Weapons Pak we'll cover another time. But quickely, the old Bunyap Pak has pretty much what's needed, minus lots of new weapons and guns from the last couple of years. The Mirage Factroy Pak is specifically designed for their aircraft, but you can easily import what you want into it quite easily.


And because I'm a jerk -anyone here will tell you that- you might want to refersh your memory by having a wander around the Knowledge Base. With any luck, some of the answers you're looking for can be found there. If not, ask us!!! :biggrin:


I know,you just want to fly the VS-23 Avenger over Ko-rea!!! :wink: (inside joke for those wondering)



kevin stein

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