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  1. Your first combat flight sim...

    Same here, "Their Finest Hour" had to be one of the best sims of it's time. You could man the various realistic looking gunner positions (a first, contrary to one add I saw about a more recent flight sim) and the bombsights were farily accurate once you figured them out. I had a 2.86 computer and played on a CGA monitor as well so I know your pain when PINK Spitfires and Hurricanes came out to engage the black ME-109's. As a kid I could kill as many as 8 or 10 bandits on "full real" settings per mission. I spent hours playing that sim and didn't get rid of it until "Aces of the Pacific" when I was 12 or 13. Stretch
  2. Hey Laxboy, Nice personal picture you've got there, where did you find it? I ask because I actually know who the guy is in it. He holds the Navy record for most career traps aboard ship, something like 1,645 which is an unbelievable amount if you know anything about Naval aviation in general. He told me he a used a camera mounted at the base of his HUD and a remote button to take several pictures that day. Apparently this was the best one out of the bunch of his self portrait. I've seen one of the originals he took as well it occasionally showing up in books ("Naval Aviation" is one I remember). Anyway, nice pic I'd like to get a copy. Stretch
  3. The nicest looking airplane ever

    Anything that says Navy on it works for me. Stretch
  4. That's because the Navy and Chairforce teach their SMA's the same aerodynamics curriculum essentially. We all come from the same school of thought For some reason though, Navy guys just end up making better pilots....... @ HOOTER "Some aircraft needed aileron in the direction of the spin to stop a spin by use of adverse yaw from the ailerons. (P-38 as well?) The T-38 for example." T-45C Goshawk has the same recovery techniques in terms of aileron use. In an inverted spin you use aileron away from the spin and in an upright spin you apply pro-spin aileron. In each case you want the outboard aileron to be pointed at the ground. This generates the adverse yaw you mention. You leave the longitudinal stick neutral since the elevators in this case don't aid in recovery. It's very backward to what your taught early on where the ailerons remain neutral and you use rudder and elevator. Stretch
  5. A high speed stall is really just a different name for an accelerated stall. Like was mentioned above an aircraft can be stalled at any airspeed and in any attitude provided the AoA (angle of attack) is high enough for the given weight and wing design of the aircraft. When an accelerated stall occurs a pilot will normally unload the aircraft (normally just release elevator back stick pressures) and add power if available and the aircraft will resume normal flight. Things like critical mach and mach tuck don't normally refer to a stall. Older aircraft that flew into the ground during high speed dives normally did so because the pilot lacked the physical strength to overcome the aerodynamic forces acting on the control surfaces (compressibility is an exception and in this case the aircraft wasn't "stalled" but the aircraft's control surfaces weren't in the airstream because of airflow seperation caused by reaching critical mach, the wing was still producing lift). Also, it's not uncommon to pull like crazy near the ground when your pointed straight at it. This can very easily cause an accelerated stall with a resultant "smoking hole." The grinding noise one hears in TW's jet sims when manuevering and pulling hard turns at high AoA is the noise a jet makes when the pilot is approaching an accelerated stall, a high speed stall, normally beyond optimum AoA. Stretch
  6. Had this problem as well trying to download WoV through a router. I just plugged straight into my computer bypassing the router and was able to get the download without a problem. Stretch
  7. I'm running YAP2 with the default sky and I get it on Helo's all the time. I did add GH2 but didn't put in the widesky mod but it seems to be an issue though. I don't believe it has to do with GH2 but I'm not sure. Stretch
  8. Thanks, its all working now. Stretch
  9. Thanks guys, that should do it. I also realized my copy of WoV is fairly new and it already has a number of patches added. This may be causing the problem also (I remember seeing the same thing awhile back). Do you guys have YAP2? How far forward can you actually patch WoV and still keep YAP2 working? Stretch
  10. I just bought YAP2 and was looking for old patches to bring WoV up to date. The ones that came on the YAP2 disk seem to update the game beyond where YAP2 is compatible and it won't run with them installed. I can't seem to find any of the older ones anywhere and for some reason I deleted my copies during my hard drive clean up. Does anybody know where I can get them? I need to up date to just before the Sept '08 patch to be current so I need whatever patches will do this (I'm not sure how many that is). Is it possible that they can be uploaded here so anybody else having problems can get the here? Without them a number of the later option aren't available like higher detail options etc. Thanks. Stretch
  11. Gotcha, I thought maybe a new Vietnam terrian was in the works but I misunderstood. Korea should be pretty nice though. Either way, keep up the good work. Stretch
  12. Okay, at least it's not a bad install on my part. No worries, it still looks awesome in my opinion even with the little bug. Good job on it and I can't I wait to see the new Vietnam terrian thats currently in the works. If you need somebody to test it out...... Thanks again. Stretch
  13. I've been playing SF2V a few weeks and have noticed an odd bug when flying through mountains or hilly terrian. Has anybody else seen this or now what causes it? I wanted to see if there was a fix or if this is due to using SF2V with GH2 and Brian_32's textures and can't be fixed. Thanks. Stretch
  14. I've seen people add lines to their config files and make this work but I wasn't sure if the threads also applies to modding SF2V aircraft (their data.ini files seem different). I wanted to animate the wing folding, in-flight refueling probe and canopies of the stock Crusaders. I saw a mod that seemed to do this but it's for WoV1 and I didn't want to ruin my .INI files messing around with them. Has anybody preformed this mod and uploaded the modified .INI files or can somebody post the lines I need to add to make it work? Also, after modifying the .ini file do I just drop it into it's respective aircraft folder or does it have to go somewhere else to get it all working? Thanks. Stretch
  15. Several months ago there was discussion concerning adding static aircraft to the decks of default carriers. I'm not sure if this ever progressed very far but I remember seeing a few screen shots and it looked like it was very possible. I wanted to know how it was done and if it might be an "easy" task (copy and paste) or if it would be very involved. I've seen the YAP2 screen shots with the carrier decks full of aircraft and wondered if I could do it myself (I've ordered YAP2 so this is really just a project to play around with). Does anybody have any ideas? Also, where can I find a skin template in Paintshop format so I could do some painting and detailing to these carriers? I don't think I've ever seen one. I wanted to detail the flight decks and add some weathering so they look more realistic. Thanks Again, Stretch

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