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13th BS, B-26B Invader, Skin and Ini Pak

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File Name: 13th BS, B-26B Invader, Skin and Ini Pak

File Submitter: Wrench

File Submitted: 13 Jul 2008

File Category: A-26/B-26


B-26B "Invader" Skin and Ini mods for SF/WoV/WoE, Korean War


This is a new skin for the DAT's A/B-26B "Invader" representing aircraft from the 13th BS, 3rd BG as used in Korea. Included are several tweeks to the data and loadout inis, due to some weapons swaps.


The skin is, as stated for the 13th BS, but for only the Night Black versions. This is not 100% historically correct (and I know this for a fact with several of the nose arts), but is quite close to "Real World ™" usage. That is to say, several of the nose arts ARE 100% historically correct, and have their correct aircraft serial and buzz numbers; others are interperative' ... meaning I used whatever art I had in stock, that was as close as possible for those aircraft I either had no photos of or no serial/buzz numbers for. At least 6-8 of them were not used on the gun-nosed B variant, but on the glass-nosed C. I've used a litttle poetic license here, to make this skin and decal set. My aplologies to the Pilots and Crews.

Serial and Buzz Numbers are 100% accurate, as they ARE from B-26B Invaders; in fact, 21 of them are/were real 13th BS aircraft. More explanations are in the 'Notes and Other BS' section below.


-- Warning: 98.6% of the nose art herein depict the Nude Female Form!!! This mod is Rated "R" by the MPAA for Graphic Nudidity, and Stong Sexual Content. Patental descretion is advised --

If you find the Nude Female Form offensive, seek medical attention without delay, as there's GOT to be something VERY wrong with you!!! :rolleyes:


The inis included are the main, data and loadout inis, with some small modifications to weapons fits. I've added an "Illuminator Flare" station, as many of the Interdiction (read: Armed_Recon) missions were carried out at night.


== You MUST have the Bunyap Weapons Pak of 6/06 to get the WW2 style weapons,. I've not including any of them. So, if you're using the TMF weapons pak, you'll have to import the needed items.. ==


= Obviously, you MUST have the DATs A-26B Invader too, otherwise you won't have anything to put this skin on, will ya??? =


The aircraft has been tested in SF/WoV/WoE. It has NOT been tested in WoI, and is NOT reccomended for use in a Korean War Era install based on WoI. Due to 'oddities' in how that game handles prop flight models.


READ the enclosed readme for full, rather simple install instructions. The "Notes and General BS" might also be illuminating.. :wink:


Good Hunting!


Kevin Stein


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Great stuff, Wrench. Thank you. Love the nose art. The only Korea color scheme still missing for these aircraft is the few OD aircraft that were still flying. If only I could actually paint, but I don't have the talents you folks have. Thanks again for all the great Korea skins you've turned out.



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That was the choice I had to make; natural metal (well, some of the Cs were) a couple of OD or mostly the Black. Maybe I should have called it "85% Historically Correct"??? :wink:


It has that nice, shark-like look in the Black though....expecially at night



kevin stein

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