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F-16/79 Fighting Falcon

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F-16/79 Fighting Falcon

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F-16B/79 Fighting Falcon, Version 1.0 By JA 37 Viggen


The F-16/79 was a downgraded F-16A/B designed for export after former president Jimmy

Carter announced a new arms export policy. American aviation companys could no longer sell

military aircraft to foreign nations that was on par with that of the US Armed Forces.

The F-16/79 was a version of the F-16 meant to comply with this policy. It used a General

Electric J79 engine, and had a limited payload and weapons compatability. Venezuela was

likely to be the first customer of this failed fighter.


This is a mod of the F-16B Block 10 released by Team Viper. Tested in WOV and SFG. I have

made edits to the INIs so that it now uses a J79 (engine data was from the F-4E) gave it

chaff and flares, and made edits to the loadouts. I have also made Venezuela weapons. It

also uses the J79 engine noises from The Mirage Factory Weapons Pack (NOT included).

You'll be using the Weapons Editor (The one NOT ment for WOI) to add the Venezuela Weapons.

You may also need to include Venezuela as a nation.


KNOWN PROBLEMS: No decals, FM has to be tweaked, still need to toy with the engine, add

more weapons for Venezuela (rocket pods)



PS: ANY attempt to use this in Payware will result in something very bad. This mod now

falls under the jurestiction of the Freeware Accords Treaty (fair-use modding)


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