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New and Updated FMs

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File Name: New and Updated FMs

File Submitter: peter01

File Submitted: 24 Jul 2008

File Updated: 25 Jul 2008

File Category: Flight Models


Several FMs updated. The main package has also been updated. Probably the last lot for a while.


Several changes/additions to the main package.


Bortdafarms Albatros D1, D2, D2L, Oef are new FMs.


Fokker E1, E1a, E3, E3a, E4, E4a are improved FMs - perfomance and feel.


Camel F1 130 as torque was wrong, takeoff difficult, torque now as per original stock.


6 FMs changed slightly for feel and/or performance: AlbatrosD3OAW, AlbatrosD3OEF_200, AlbatrosD5, Se5a, F2B, Dolphin


19 other FMs with minor changes, mainlyto AI parameters, damage modelling and for a few, some tweaking of stalls. The planes are mainly early period: Camel F1 150, Spad 7 180, Pfalz D3, Fokker B2, Fokker D2, Fokker D3, Pfalz E1, Pfalz E3, Halberstadt D3, Avro 504D, Martinsyde S1, Martinsyde G100, Dh2, Fe2b, Morane N, Morane H, Morane L, Morane L 2 seater.



peter01 July 2008


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