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Leon Kerensky

what if? YF-23 with VX-4 paintscheme

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what if? YF-23 with VX-4 paintscheme

the navy was in favor of the F-23 as oposed to the F-22 to play the role of an air superiority fighter, but Northrup Grummond had a checkered past with unfufilled contracts, such as the B-2 bomber (22 where produced out of 165).


ANYWAY.... add this document to: ...Wings Over **********/objects/aircraft/YF-23A


this document is to be treated as freewear and is not to be sold, or posted in anybody's personal works of art.

oh, and by the way, just in case anybody gets confused, I didn't make the 3d model, just the paint scheeme


the works shown in this document are copyrighted and include, but are not limmeted to the fallowing....

the VX-4 Evaluators are a real fighter squadron and own all legal rights of the name and several specific patches

the White Bunny is copyrighted by Playboy LLC.

the illustration of the woman in bunny suit (C.C. or properly pronounced シツ) is copyrighted by:

->Sunrise Animation Studios and Ichirō Ōkouchi (大河内 一楼) and was drawn specificly by "A-Little-Kitty.deviantart.com"



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