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Been trying my hands at skinning and I cant for the life of me figure out what them numbers mean or how one arrives at them.








Position=6.9,0.30...(what reference is used here is it x,y and if so how does one translate a desired position into these co-ods?)




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The coordinates are relative to the decal facnig, so for a left-facing decal like the one above, the first number is the x coordinate, which posittions the decal 6.9 meters forward of the center point of the model. The second number positions the decal .3 meters above the horizontal centerline of the model.


If the decal orientation was TOP or BOTTOM, the first number would be the left/right position, and the second number the fore/aft. IIRC.

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Like Don said, they're World Based, meaning from the 0,0,0 world coordinate of the model; IE: the very center of entire aircraft. Not to a particular mesh.


Simon, take a wander in the Downloads section; somebody posted TKs Decals notes text. It explains a LOT!!!

If it's not to be found, let me know, and I'll shoot you a copy and/or post it.


A small reminder: don't go over 3 decals per mesh. Even though it says '4 is allowed'....don't!!! It may cause the aircraft to become 'invisible' or transparant! (which, kinda looks cool in some cases!)



kevin stein

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