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Hi everybody.

i have a question!


how do you get decals to show up on skins.

see i'm having a problem i'm trying to get Ace Combat skins to show up

but i'm not having any luck.


for example i'm trying to get the Belkan decals to show up on

Su-27s and Migs 29s buts no luck!


is there an easy way??

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That depends. Common problems with decals are:


- wrong meshname > check the .OUT file, if available, or the data.ini

- wrong position > check the knowledge base :wink:

- wrong pathname > it depends where you have placed the decals, i.e. inside a subfolder within the skin folder the pathname

should look like this: FilenameFormat=[aircraft]\[skin]\D\[decalname]

- too many decals per mesh (not more than 3)

- wrong decallevel > insignia ('0'), squadron decals ('1'), individual aircraft decals ('2'), kill marks ('3')

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... may I add:

- wrong .tga-options chosen for decal file> make sure you didn't save your .tga-file as RLE or run-length-encoded.


That one took me ages to figure out, and it nearly drove me mad.

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