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  1. F/A-18A, A+ and C by The Mirage Factory for SF2

    the huds are not right i can't use sidewinders
  2. Carriers in Stock SF2 Campaigns

    The darn Carrier is in the middle of the desert how do I fix this I'm using just sf2 no merge install and why is it in the wrong place??????????
  3. SF2: Modern Warfare Korea V1.03 Part1

    everytime i do a single mission on the korean map its night time any way to fix this?
  4. JH-7A BETA

    when trying to use this plane the menu screen is very eratic in WOV
  5. F-22A Raptor

    is there a way to make the bay doors open automatically instead of manually? i know the series 2 version can?
  6. EC 01.007 skin for Rafale

    Combatace needs a RAFALE its lacking this beautiful French fighter and i don't mean that 2 seater on. it looks nice but everytime i fly it the damn thing goes into a spin and is useless! PLEASE SOMEONE! HELP US!!!!
  7. KF1-AX

    does this bird work in the old WOE?
  8. Macross Zero VF-0S

    this needs to be finished!
  9. Rafale

    yes please where!!!!!!
  10. Mirage Factory IAI Kfir-C7

    Were in desperate need of a Rafale for this sim!
  11. Mirage 2000-N

    can some one make a Rafale! we need one!

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