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  1. Veltro, I wouldn't know what praise to sing that others haven't already; would you be at all offended if I went "Uh Ah, Uh Ah!" like people in a table-dance bar?
  2. I never got the Hawks to work, no matter how many forum/KB hints I tried. The closest I ever got was that the Hawks seemed to track enemy a/c while on their launchers, but they never fired (neither at 30, 20, 10, 5 nor 1 miles). While obviously the Hawk has worked for a chosen few other SAMs have been eager to please right out of the box (especially the Bloodhound seems to be rather blood-thirsty)
  3. Projekt koordination fuer die naehere Zukunft!

    Aaaaaah, cool
  4. Cool, Volker! Esch jeil, wie man bei uns sagen würde
  5. Dear Mr President....

    Ja, das Vertrauen in Übersetzungsprogramme scheint keine Grenzen zu kennen... Mal im Ernst, gibt es denn eine ernsthafte Alternative zu diesem Forum? Für Checksix ist mein Französisch leider zu schlecht, aber hier kommt's mir langsam vor wie in der Täterä...
  6. I don't have the Razbam Spads, and I know zilch about US Navy A-1Es, I'm afraid. Maybe someone else?
  7. If converting and cropping/resizing images is all you want to do Irfanview is a much better choice IMHO. http://www.irfanview.com/ It's free, and it's a fairly fast and competent image-viewer.
  8. Here's a link to a photo of the twin .30 gunpod on a French T-6G: http://www.frenchwings.net/algeria/cpg148/...m=25&pos=11 There's more at this site; the twin gunpod seems to be pretty universal: http://www.frenchwings.net/algeria/cpg148/...ls.php?album=25 ... and here's my take on it (in Blender):
  9. Two guns per pod, actually. I'll post some pics when I get off work.
  10. Great news, Kevin I've been hoping for someone to mod one of the existing Texans into a T-6G to wear my French skin. I've also made a 3D model of the twin .30 cal. gunpod that was used on French T-6Gs in Algeria (different from the one in your pics), but it still needs to be converted to a LOD. Which brings up the next question, are twin gunpods at all possible?
  11. How about Le Missioneur? Wikipedia has tons of information on military aviation nowadays, even though some of it should probbly taken with a grain of salt... Much better, however, than what encyclopediae came with some 1990's flightsims. I agree; something like a standalone viewer would speed up skinning considerably. There is UMC2 which has some support for .LOD files, but it's not a big help for skinning, really. There is a mod that does just that, i.e. it simulates the effect of motion on the pilot view. You'll have to search the download section. It's a really cool mod :yes:
  12. F-111 upgrade

    Cool, Blackbird Die einzige Anregung, die mir einfällt, ist, die Cockpitdach-Animatio an die Geschwindigkeit zu koppeln. Das ist aber wohl, soweit ich das bisher mitgekriegt habe, eine Glaubensfrage. Großes Kino jedenfalls
  13. Uuh! Aah! Uuh! Aah! Uuh! Aah! :ghey:

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