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Zerstorer Elite: A BOBII adventure

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For those flying BOBII, fly your own daring recon missions using the Instant Action feature of BOBII!


Among the lesser known units of the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain were the 'Aufklaringsgruppe' of Luftflotte 2, 3 and 5 – the long range reconnaissance units.


Comprising Do17s, Ju88s, He111s, He100s and Bf110s, these units flew dangerous solo missions over enemy territory, often unarmed and loaded down with fuel.




Attrition rates were high. In his book ‘The Easter Bunnies’ recon pilot Roman Gastager describes how five of his comrades started during Easter 1940 in Aufklaringsgruppe 123 – and called themselves the Easter Bunnies. By the end of the war, only one remained.


To highlight the challenges faced by these daring pilots, I have created a series of 6 Bf110C recon missions which use the Battle of Britain II, Wings of Victory Instant Action menu to generate the missions. The player will find details of how to fly the missions in the attached mission briefings and can manually track their progress, on the mission score sheets attached.


Success involves two pre-conditions in each mission: a) taking at least three clear shots of the recon target using the in-game camera and b) returning home alive. You are judged to have successfully returned home if you reach the French or Dutch coast without trailing any RAF fighters. If you are still being pursued by RAF at this point, you must despatch or lose them to succeed.


To take your photos, you should map two key combinations to your joystick if possible: F6 for Outside View, and Ctrl-P for Still Camera Shot (they will go into the STILLS folder in your BOBII directory). You should also learn to padlock ground targets or pan quickly to ensure you get that photo! The challenge is to achieve this without using the 'pause game' feature.

There are bonus points for any ground or air kills along the way, but these can only be earned at great risk to the primary mission objective, and dogfighting is never recommended for recon units except to repel an attack.


In some missions you will be armed with heavy ordnance such as bombs to allow you to attack targets of opportunity.


Whether you do so, or jettison these immediately on starting the mission, is up to you!


Can you achieve six successful missions as an Easter Bunny? Good luck!


DOWNLOAD PDF (2MB) FROM HERE: http://www.freewebs.com/heinkill/bob2news.htm


Missions include:


1) Investigate radio masts. Intelligence reports indicate the British have set up long range radio masts on the coast. We need low level photos to better evaluate their design and purpose.


2) Portsmouth naval strength. Channel convoy protection is being staged out of Portsmouth. You will conduct pre and post raid recon on a major raid intended to cripple the port and any RN ships there.


3) Unit identification. A new RAF squadron has reportedly been based at Manston. We need low level photographs of the aircraft to allow identification.


4) Find the Spitfire nest. Spitfire production at Southampton has been moved after heavy bombing, but we do not know where. You will photograph a row of new buildings at the Bristol Aero works which may be new Spitfire production facilities.


5) Beaufighters at Kenley. Our pilots have reported sightings of the new RAF twin engined heavy fighter at Kenley. You must confirm these sightings.


6) Smile, your majesty! British propaganda claims our bombers have deliberately targeted Buckingham Palace. You will obtain low level photographs of the palace which we will release to the world to prove they are lying!


Feel free to post your successful recon shots on this thread http://www.shockwaveproductions.com/forum/...pic.php?t=11198


Inspired by: The Easter Bunnies: Long-distance Reconnaissance by the German Luftwaffe over Poland, France, England and the Atlantic 1938-1945 (Paperback), by Wendy von Well (Author), Roman Gastager (Author).

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ca anybody send me a link for payware download for it?


You can download from here (if you are outside USA, use PAYPAL option) for $20USD.




Make sure you dowloand and patch to 2.08 version. (Just one patch will fully update it).


Patch is here: http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10951


You can read review here while you are downloading




OR see a new video of version 2.08 here:




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