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Just got new laptop... trying to get TW sims and IL2:1946 working...

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As the topic says...


My new laptop is a Toshiba with dual AMD Turion processors, an ATI Radeon 3100 graphics card/driver, and 3G of RAM, running Vista, of course. I have installed WOE and IL-2:1946 DVD, and both run okay, but there are slight issues.


1) WOE crashes to desktop when I hit 'Esc.' Yes, I read the Knowledge Base and I know that this is a common problem, but changing the shader settings in the GermanyCE_data.ini didn't fix it. Are there any other things to try? WOE works like a champ in the air, just dumps when escaping out of the mission...


2) IL2 '46 runs well too, however, I can only get a max resolution of 1024x768, and there is no widescreen option. I was running the game on my older (and presumably less capable?) laptop at 1440x900 and 16:9 aspect ratio. Is there a utility or fix to change this? And yes, I did some searching on multiple forums for this one, too...


Any help for either and/or both problems would be greatly appreciated!




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can't help you the first one no clue.


But as for the second, the game does not suport resolutions other than 4:3 by default, if you were runing it on that resolution on your other laptop you eigher a) edited the game's ini by hand. b) someone did it for you. c) you used the Il-2 config utility avaiable here http://war.by-airforce.com/downloads/il2-config.html.

If you are editing by hand or using il-2 config after you select the desired resolution do not forget to set the "maintainaspectratio" line to "=0" or set to unchecked in Il'2 config. Because the game doesn0t truly suport widescreen when doing this you are actually losing vertical FOV instead of gaining horizontal FOV. If you do not uncheck that line what it will do is you will have the same FOV as in 4:3 both vert. and horz. but in your selected resolution, in other words it will be out of porportion.

Hope this helps on the IL-2 bit.

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