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no topic for this game /?

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We've never had a very big naval sim group here. They tend to congregate at the dedicated sites I guess.

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Hey I play SH4 alot with my boat skinned up. And I fly gobs of aircraft that have 4 letters that look like NAVY on them. For me it's really difficult to seperate the A2G from what the friendlies are doing on the deck or on the beach or water. Yeah I'm driving the airplane. Petty Officer Brownwater is driving the PBR. Lt Bushmaster is running his platoon. I usually post, snivell and wine on the Subsim site. Dollars to donuts there is more then a handfull of CA members who take a boat out that is designed to surface after it sinks / dives. I just ordered Sh3 so I could drive the Schnell Boot. Check out Mr Flecks' video @

All his videos rock. Sometimes I just play them for the music.




Happy Hunting :ph34r: CL

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