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Mr. Clark

Looking For Feedback

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As some of you are aware, i am the lead designer for the NWP Fleet Command add ons.


We are currently mulling whether or not to release a v17.0 addon.


The question is, when H4 hits the shelves, will anyone still be playing Fleet Com?


So basicly, i am looking for feedback as to whether it would be worth the effort to release a new version of FC, or just skip it due to the release of H4.


Thanx Simmers.

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Personally, yes, I would like to see a final version, 17.0, finished and released.


Im wondering if the graphics in Harpoon are going to be that much of an improvement over Fleet Command, it has taken so long to finish the game. It was started when FC was cutting edge. I wonder if the only advantages H4 will have over FC is in detailed gameplay and realism, (which of course are good avantages, hehe). I wouldnt be terribly surprised to find a lot of naval simmers still playing FC. Since Fleet Command's not as detailed as H4, it'll be easier to get into a game when your low on time or just dont want to get too involved. I will...


By the way Mr. Clark, Ive been a member of the forums at NWP and FSP for a while now. Ive not posted but enjoyed the comments Ive read. Naval Warefare Simulations website is a constant place I visit. I want to say I appreciate what you guys are doing with these older games. I hadnt played FS in quite awhile when you came out with FSP 9.0. I reinstalled the game and havent stop playing it. Im in the middle of a campaign now against the Japs...(keep losin my damn destroyers...arrrrgh.) It plays a LOT more realistically. With the release of Thunder at Sea, Im gonna be in Hog Heaven. Ive always wanted to see something to make FS more playable like Great Naval Battles of the North Atalantic was. I love being able to manuever my fleets, then fight a tactical battle. WELL DONE! (By the way, I bought GNBNA again when you guys had it for sale on the NWS website store. )


Being an old sailor, I was a BM2, I love the Naval Games Genre. You guys have made them BETTER. BZ shipmate...

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