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Nic Cole's Lomac Manual Is A Go!

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It's now official! Nic Cole's hard work has paid off, the paperwork has all been signed, and the official press release is out:






Date: 30th Oct 2003

For General Release


Ubisoft UK and Digital Aspirin Ltd have joined forces to provide an enhanced manual and game guide for the upcoming Lock On: Modern Air Combat, which is slated for a Winter 2003 release.


Flight simulation fans are a demanding crowd. Immersion is the key to their world of high powered jets and mid air dueling. They want outstanding Artificial Intelligence, true-to-life physics, immersive missions all wrapped up in beautiful dynamic graphics and sound. Lock On: Modern Air Combat will deliver all of these over a large dynamic theatre with 7 flyable jets. With this in mind, Ubisoft are supporting a 3rd party production of a manual created for the ‘hard core’ simulation fan.


Digital Aspirin are producing ‘leather type’ triple fold ring binder with over 300 pages of information for the Lock On: Modern Air Combat fan. In addition to the 136 page full colour manual that will be shipped with the game, the paper manual will also contain a 70 page additional training section, plus 120 pages of technical data concerning each of the air, ground and naval units in the game. On top of these a section will be created with quick reference in mind, such as a key reference guide, landing / take-off and engagement checklists and mission planning sheets.


Digital Aspirin also plan to produce a large fold out map that the virtual pilots can use to plan and execute missions.


The manual (photographs of the DUMMY are attached) is A5 is size and will contain


• A debossed logo on the front.

• A CD Sleeve in the back to store the LOMAC CD.

• A magnetic enclosure.

• Each manual is numbered and a few will be signed by the development team.


Charles Barrett OEM and Business Development Manager of Ubisoft UK “ with total immersion in mind, Digital Aspirin have created a superb product that will satisfy the needs of even the hardest flight simulator fan. This 3rd party add-on has been built with full consultation with the flight simulation community and Ubisoft are more than happy to aid it’s development to market”


For more information please visit www.lo-mac.com or www.lomac-manual.com


The manual is available to ship worldwide from Early December 2003.


The finished manual can be furnished to interested parties by late November 2003.


Contacts: Nic Cole, Digital Aspirin Ltd +44 114 278 8668

Charlie Barrett, Ubisoft UK Ltd +44 1932 838265

US Price is $30, and worth every penny from what I've seen. We'll have much more on the manual, as well as an interview with Nic Cole later today.


You can read all the details at www.lomac-manual.com as well as see better quality PDF examples of what the page layout will look like.

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The only problem is the $15 for shipping. Total is $45.99 for US buyers through pay pal.


That is a bit rough seeing as how the game is only going to cost $39.99.

Edited by Charlie

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Well You know what I think. It sucks bigtime that the manual is not with the game itself... There are trainings in the game but offcourse you want to know the entire features of the planes.


Maybe someone will make there own manual because I think im going to need it a lott. :S

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